Will Smith Posts Cute Throwback Photo of Jaden Smith As He Turns 17

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Jaden Smith turned 17 on the 8th of July, and proud father Will Smith took to social media to celebrate his kid.

Will-smith (1)

Will posted a cute throw back of young Jaden in a really large bird cage.

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Apparently baby Jaden was a paste eater, as Will captioned the photo: “Jaden is 17 years old today. I’m just glad he stopped eating paste!.”


Mother Jada Pinkett-Smith was not left out of the birthday wishing, as she posted a touching message for her boy.

She wrote:

“To my son. Today you are 17. It was on this day a tremendous gift was delivered to me. A baby boy, whose existence reflected back to me all the passion, curiosity, love and beauty that only a child could collect from the deepest recesses of his mother’s secret heart and breath it into the world.”

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“You have made the beauty I could only feel within myself… absolutely tangible. You were not only born from my body… but born from my soul.”

So sweet!




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