Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

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There’s no shame in admitting! We all do sleep with makeup once or twice due to exhausting work or maybe you see no reason of removing it. Leaving makeup on your skin after one late night might not seem like a major deal, but over an extended period of time, the results are pretty horrific.

Sleeping with makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals (which makeup attracts during the day) thereby leading to collagen breakdown and also makes the skin age faster. Mascara can clog the tiny hair follicles in your eyelids which could lead to irritation, inflammation or even an infection. So if you are really tired before going to bed, just try as much possible to use a facial wipe even though it may not likely remove every particles but its certainly better than not cleansing at all. Mascara can be rubbed on your pillow when you are deeply asleep and ends up entering your eyes and it could also cause the eyelashes to become brittle and break easily.

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Simple or little  makeup needs to be wiped off too because most modern day beauty products contain paraben and parabens are nearly 100% of all cancerous breast tumors. Sleeping with makeup on can make your pores become more clogged, thereby resulting to the formation of microcomedone which attracts the acne causing bacteria to your pores.

When you sleep with makeup on, You aren’t giving your skin the chance to recover from those insults which could lead to premature aging. Free radicals cause collagen breakdown over time which results in the development of fine lines and prematurely aged skin. Foundations and thick oil–based primers are the worst offenders because they prevent the skin from renewing itself naturally at nights, causes blackheads, acne and even dullness. Primers and foundations are always thick and are generally overlying other makeup products which have been on all day. The large particles break down over the day and have been metabolized by natural processes as well exposed to environmental pollutants.

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Sleeping with any type of lipstick on can result to dryness and chapping. Try as much as possible to scrub the lips with a cleansing wipe to fully remove before bedtime and then you can apply lip balm to build moisture backup. The eye–shadow and eyebrows shouldn’t be left out because it has an occlusive effect (forms a barrier over the skin surface).

Makeup makes your pillow dirty and a dirty pillow itself is harmful to the skin. Effects of sleeping with makeup on leads to discoloration around the eyes and these could add years to your face and make you look much older than what you really are. Best alternative way to get your makeup off is applying baby oils because it removes makeup formulated around the eyes. Olive oil is another fantastic natural makeup removal because it not only effectively remove makeup but also does an incredible job of moisturizing the skin.

We all yearn for flawless, youthful complexions, right? Sleeping in makeup will only give you dull and dry skin. Your skin needs to breathe at night, and it needs to be able to produce the vitamins and minerals that promote healthy glowing skin.











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