Why He Won’t Have Sex With You Again

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Ever wondered what happened to your blazing sex life, why you don’t have sex like you used to or you don’t even do it anymore? Well, these are some of the reasons he doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore:

          He Is Not A Sex Object:

Many put men in narrow boxes and assume all they want is sex, sex and sex all the time. Men want to sit down and talk too. If all you do with him is have sex and not talk, he will stop having sex with you. There is no tangible connection or communication between you guys except sex. It may just be his way of saying he wants to stop having only sex with you and focus on deeper emotions.

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          You Are Killing The Mojo:

If you are the nagging, loud, always complaining type or you don’t seem so happy when he initiates sex, your attitude may just be the reason he doesn’t want to come near you. You may not even know he sees you do some things but trust me, he sees your every move and your body language will determine a lot of things. If he feels like he is forcing you to have sex with him or if he feels like you are forcing the enthusiasm in the relationship, he may stop having sex with you or put an end to the relationship entirely. It is necessary to communicate with him every time to eliminate problems from your relationship.

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          He Is Scared:

Men have their insecurity when it comes to sex too. You are not the only one worried about getting pregnant, he is too. So, if he has stopped having sex with you, it may be because you have brought up the issue at one point or his friend just put a girl in the family way. He may also be scared that he doesn’t have what it takes to make you happy in the bedroom. This may be because of your reaction after having sex with him.

          He Is Busy:

If he is the type that does a lot, it will really be hard to think about sex. It is not that he has stopped finding you attractive or anything, he just has a lot on his mind to worry about sex. With someone like this, you have to force him to make out time to have sex with you which may be very tedious. If you’re also the very busy type, if he feels like he has to beg all the time before you have sex with him, he may totally write off having sex with you.

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          He No Longer Finds You Attractive:

Many women stop taking care of themselves once they get the guy which is very wrong. There are certain thing your man was attracted to before discovering the morals and intellect, you have to try your best to keep these things intact. If your hair is a mess, you always look unkempt all in the name of housekeeping, he may find it really difficult having an erection with you.

There are million other reasons why a man would stop having sex with you. It may be because he is cheating on you or is attracted to another woman. It may also be because you’re rigid and not open to adventure in the bedroom or he is not happy with you or you’re making it very boring. Whatever it may be, once you notice your husband losing interest in having sex with you, it is best you sit with him and talk about it. Don’t make accusations or shout at him all in the name of talking, it will just ruin things further. Have a heart to heart discussion and work out a solution to the problem. Be willing to make your sex life better.

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