Who Grosses You Out More, Rihanna Or Miley Cyrus?

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You can throw Kim Kardashian into the mix too if you want.

Miley was caught having a full on make out session with a Victoria Secret model yesterday and yeah, Rihanna dropped the video to her single, BBHMM.

I don’t know why these two women took the same day to torture the world but yeah, they kinda did it without each other’s help.

The fallen angels must be proud of them.

While Miley’s fingers, finding their way down another woman’s pants in public is not exactly news, considering she has done more ridiculous things in her twenty two years of existence, the fact that she won’t stop creeps us out.

And apology to the Navy, but Rihanna also needs to learn how to pass her message across without doing too much.

Her Energy video, which was supposed to be a deep timely song about the war and hate in the world failed to pass the message it could successfully have because Rihanna chose to wear a see through shirt without a freaking bra.

Who sells sex in a video about war, hate and terrorism? Ugh. Only Rihanna.

Anyway, these are times, Rihanna and Miley have almost made us puke. Which one would you say has done the worst?

Rihanna in BBHMM video where she thought to pass her message across dipped in blood, featuring nudity and heavy violence. Like the lyrics of the song and the title itself weren’t explicit enough.


 I know a couple of people found this dress artistic or whatever but it’s disgusting. Fashion icon isn’t equal to naked icon. Except the good old birthday suit counts as fashion.Rihanna sheer  Rihanna, after showing us everything, thought we hadn’t seen enough when she dropped this video two years ago. Remember? Such thirst from a successful award winning global Artiste. smh.Rihanna offensive

And this one was for a shoot in Los Angeles #KillUsNow

Rihanna shoot

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Miley Cyrus…

Not like kissing a girl in America is a biggie, but when you’re Miley and you do it in the full glare of the public, aware that Paparazzi is filming you, come on, it becomes totally disgusting!

Miley intimate

I have always said the real reason Robin Thicke lost his wife was because of this Miley behavior not his one hit wonders and philandering ways…

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show  Miley during her bangerz tour in Spain. Grossed out yet?Miley Cyrus performing during her Bangerz tour in Madrid, Spain

Just so you don’t lose it completely, we censored the boobs for you. Yep, we are more sensitive on your eyes than Miley ever would be.

Miley Paper

So who has given you the creeps more? Rihanna or Miley?

Meanwhile, how do you like this photo?

Miley reaction maybe it would go viral and Miley would see it one day…




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