What Would You Do If You Were Kim Kardashian And Your Daughter Ruined Your $4,500 Coat?

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Kim Kardashian, husband Kanye West and their two year old daughter, North West went on a movie outing and the cameras were there as usual.

Kim who looked beautiful as usual in a clingy maxi dress, coat and heels, had with her, her favorite accessories; her man and her baby.

North who rocked the same colors as her mommy, also had in her hand a pack of popcorn which she stained her mom’s expensive Lanvin coat with.

The coat which costs $4,500 is approximately 1,035000 in naira.

Yeah, you can close your mouth now.

What would you do if your kid did that to your coat though?

Especially if the stain was worse than North’s butter stains and it won’t go away?

Meanwhile, check on the photos from their family outing.

Kim and North 2
Spot the stain?

Kim and North 3  Kim and North 4

Kim and North 5  Kim and North and Kanye Meanwhile, they do make one beautiful family. Kim’s second baby is due in December, can’t wait to meet the little guy.

Photos: Daily Mail



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