What Women Look Out For In Men

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It is important that a man is confident, very important. It makes us feel very secure when we have a man who is sure of himself because we know he’ll have what it takes to deal with everyone around him maturely, handle unforeseen circumstances and carry himself with an air of someone that has it all figured out. It shows that he can be strong for his woman when trouble arises. There’s no greater turn off than a man that acts like a whimpy kid in public and allows himself to be pushed about. However, don’t mistake confidence for arrogance; they are different. A confident man knows who he is, carries himself like royalty while remaining humble to everyone around him. An arrogant guy, however, treats everyone like they are inferior to him.


Monogamous men are outrightly attractive and make a great catch because no woman wants to play second fiddle to another woman; we want to be a priority in our man’s life. So, yes, we love our men to be faithful to us. We want the person we want to spend eternity with to be with us, for us for as long as we spend together. There is no bigger joy than knowing that the man you love, loves you completely and loves on you. We appreciate faithfulness, we adore faithful guys, and we are suckers for faithful guys.

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There’s nothing more attractive than a man whose words can be taken to the bank. We love dependable men. We want to know your yes will always be your yes and you mean no when you say no. It is just sweet to know that he will be where he says he will at the time he says he will, that he won’t just bail on our dinner plans without prior warning. Dependability is one of those qualities that are top on our list.


This is very important too. We don’t want to end with a stingy man that is not ready to support his family financially. It is essential to know that the man I am going to end up with is a cheerful giver and I don’t have to grovel before I get 100 naira recharge card from him or who thinks giving a woman things is a sign that she is a gold digger or she is going to take you as a maga. I’m speaking for all women now, we love men that can spend and spoil us silly with good things. Yeah, it may not be diamonds but beautiful things are sure girls’ best friends.

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I keep hammering it to people that care to know, being generous is not the same as being kind. A generous man may be the meanest person you’ll ever know. He may just be using the money as a means to control you or get what he needs from you but a kind man will be nice to you without any ulterior motive; his only motive will be to make you happy. He may not even be able to afford the finest things but I’ve heard quite often that the best things are things money can’t afford; those smiles on your face, the joy and peace he brings to you, the satisfaction you get knowing that you have a man ready to go the extra mile for you is all you need most times. The money and beautiful things are just secondary.


We love mystery; those surprises out of the blues that keep us on our toes, we love them.  So, it is essential that you are a mysterious guy (not dangerously mysterious with terrible stinking skeletons in your cupboard). We want to be pleasantly surprised every now then; unplanned vacations, spontaneous sex *winks*, surprise parties, gifts; keep us excited.

We also love it when we learn new things from you, when you can be our teacher; it strengthens our bond and helps to build better memories. We also love it when you are passionate and caring; there is absolutely nothing wrong with a romantic man that always wants to make his woman happy. In fact, we find it very attractive. We like to talk so we love men that can actually listen to our banter. It  won’t hurt to have a “gbeborun” partner in our men; that makes you the only person I want to share all the dirty secrets with. We also find openness a very attractive quality with the man we want to marry; it is good to know that he is an open book and has no secret to hide from me. That helps us to build trust. Oh, and we love men that will encourage us and help us become better women. 

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