We Love Kim Kardashian’s Photoshoot For Hype Energy Drink And We Know You Would Too

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Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about photoshoots and everyone knows that already.

But what the reality star also knows as much, is the ability to keep things fresh and new with each photoshoot.

The mother of one who recently debuted her Vogue cover makeup free, is stunning in the new photos of her promoting Hype energy drink.

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Kim who looked slim in the photos which were taken before she announced her second pregnancy, reminds us of quite a number of things, vintage and futuristic being one of them.

Kim Kardashian 2 Kim Kardashian 3 Kim Kardashian 4 Kim Kardashian 5 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian 6 Kim Kardashian 7

Images: Mail Online



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  1. Talk about photoshopped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never heard of this junk, but based on her pushing it, I’ll predict it a total fail. Idiots should have gone with a real person, not a mannequin,

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