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From bad break ups, to the fear of failure, to being young and surrounded by fake friends and trying to figure out what life’s about, Love Hate Thing – the new album from Kid Floh, truly embodies the life of a college student.

Released in May 2015, this 8 track free album gives you a closer look on life’s sometimes confusing experiences. “ICFWU” ( I Can’t F**k With You ) being the first single off the project is pretty much self explanatory as it depicts words like – “Way back then said I was a lame, but way back then would have gave you everything, Now I’m getting closer to the money and the fame, your opinion has changed…” translated to a troubled relationship in demise in the creative, intriguing, but yet simple video. Check it Out and follow the Kid on social networks for more updates @kidfloh ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat )


Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

“I grew up in the age of 50 and Game ...“

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