Valentino Wedding Gown, Kensington Palace And The Other Grand Things That Featured In Nicky Hilton’s Wedding

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Nicky Hilton, Heiress of the popular Hilton Hotels and younger sister to sex tape owner, former reality star, Kim Kardashian’s one time come up, Paris Hilton, got married yesterday.

And if you’re one to follow up on international entertainment news, then you probably already know this.

Nicky Hilton, 31, was joined in Holy matrimony with her husband, James Rothschild.

And because they are both from wealthy families, it was no surprise that the wedding turned out grand.

And of course, heavily featured in the wedding were the things you’d normally not see, things only the extremely wealthy and famous can afford.

Nicky Hilton Wedding dress
Nicky on her way to Kesington Palace for her wedding
Nicky Hilton Wedding dress 2
Nicky Hilton and her father, Richard Hilton.
Nicky Hilton and husband at Kesington palace
Nicky Hilton and her husband in Kensington palace where they got married

Chelsea Clinton, former President Bill Clinton’s daughter was in attendance

chelsea clinton

Nicky’s dress was Valentino and her reception dress reportedly Versace

Nicky, Paris
Nicky with elder sister, Paris who was maid of honor and brother, Barron, with other guests
Nicky versace
This sequined reception dress is reportedly to be Versace

Nicky’s elder sister, Paris is dating a millionaire and it is being reported to be serious and since Paris is the more popular one, we can’t wait to see what her own wedding would be like.



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