Tyga’s Former Partner Sues Him For $1.6Million Dollars Just After His Album Flopped

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Tyga

These are not good times for American Rapper, Tyga.

After his album performed poorly weeks ago and alleged claims that he slept with a transgender surfaced, the Rapper is having to deal with yet another public ridicule.

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According to TMZ, Tyga is being sued by his former partner, Chuon Guen Lee for $1.6million.

Chuon Guen Lee who according to the filed documents in the lawsuit, claims she and Tyga formed a clothing line called Last Kings in 2013, says Tyga promised to bring a whole lot to the business (eg Promotion) only to turn around and stab her in the back.

Tyga allegedly did not just refuse to do the things he promised, he also disappeared with half a million in merchandise.

Then, he went ahead to start another company with another partner which he calls, Egypt Kings.

Seems like Tyga might be in a lot of trouble this time. But maybe he would survive it like everything else.



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