Tyga Is Cheating On Kylie Jenner With A Transgender Model — And He Sends Her Nudes!

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Tyga

Tyga allegedly isn’t loyal to underage boo Kylie Jenner.


According to reports, Tyga has been having sex with a transgender model named Mia Isabella, behind Kylie’s back.

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Their relationship dates as far back as when Tyga was still with baby mama Blac Chyna, and have used the cover of Mia being a fashion stylist to mask their relationship.

Screenshots of their alleged conversations were released, including a photo of (allegedly) Tyga’s penis!

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Check them out below!

screen-shot-2015-07-07-at-10-39-12-am screen-shot-2015-07-07-at-9-43-01-am screen-shot-2015-07-07-at-9-50-21-am

See Tyga’s nude pic here!



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