Tyga Debunks Claims He Is Owing Rent, Says He’s Buying The House

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Tyga

Yesterday, we reported Tyga is being sued for owing rent in an apartment he once shared with Blac Chyna.

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Tyga and Blac Chyna were named as defendants in the lawsuit where he failed to pay the $25k a month requested by the landlord.

However, Tyga is now shutting down the claims that he is owing rent.

In fact, Tyga is saying he is buying the said house.

According to Daily Mail, Tyga has started the purchase of the house which he reportedly owing the rent for.

Daily Mail further states:

The new report states that Tyga put a down payment of $200,000 on the Calabasas house 12 months ago, with the landlord allegedly telling him he could move in during escrow, without paying the $25k a month rent on the property. According to the rapper, the escrow was due to close months ago but the seller of the property didn’t provide Tyga’s bank with all the necessary information that would allow the loan to be processed, leading to a lengthy delay.

There was thought to be no written agreement in place between Tyga and his landlord though regarding the payment of rent during the escrow period.

This is the second time Tyga is being accused of owing rent.



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