Turkey Blocks Twitter Access After Terrorist Bombing

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Twitter to increase tweet limit

The Turkish government has blocked Twitter access in the country over a terrorist bombing.

The bomb blast, which occurred in south-east Turkey, left 32 dead, and the government has blocked Twitter access to prevent images from the scene being spread.

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The country’s official press body, the Anadolu Agency, also confirmed that the government was also trying to block Twitter users from calling for protests against the government for not doing more to prevent the bombing.

A government official said Turkey had asked Twitter to remove 107 URLs with images of the aftermath of the bombing. Twitter had removed some 50 of the URLs and was working to remove the remaining problematic URLs.

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A court had earlier approved the ban, adding that internet sites that uploaded the pictures would be barred.

It wouldn’t be the first time Turkey has blocked access to Twitter, having done so previously.



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