#TransferBusiness: Arsenal

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The transfer window has been open for a while, with deals completed and some pending. There are teams that are not buying yet. We intend to keep you updated on events as they unfold. #TransferBusiness is an in depth look at major teams and their transfer business, how this affects their team and what to expect from them. Today you get Arsenal.

A strong team that has been relevant in England and Europe at large over the last decade and more. They lack the finesse they once had -see the invincibles- no team has topped that performance since that age.

French manager Arsene Wenger has been at the helm of the club since I can remember. He has built a reputation for himself in the world of football, but his reputation in the transfer window is that of an economist who doesn’t want to part ways with his money.

This was understandable when Arsenal moved from Highbury to Emirates and cash was tight, highly rated players couldn’t come in, but they left -Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri et al- so cash will become more fluid, this affected the club and they went almost a decade without a trophy (the emirates cup doesn’t count).

This all changed last season though when the Economist splurged. He bought Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, retaining the FA Cup they won in the 2013/14 season.

Such positive results from spending, you would expect Wenger to be less of a miser and try to build a stronger squad to tackle the big teams. Unfortunately, Arsene Wenger has only completed one signing and that is bringing Cech from Chelsea to the emirates.

That is a very good move, securing the goal with one of the best goalkeeper in the world and the best goalkeeper the EPL has seen.

But there’s no point if you concede less goals and don’t score some yourself. The midfield needs to be strengthened, but inexperience and injury seems to cause a lot of problems.

Up front Sanchez has added a little spine and bite to their bark. Giroud is not a world class player and his lack of pace leaves Sanchez with no one to give the ball in the middle. Walcott who has been battling injury might rectify that, but the forward favors the wings.

Arsenal have been linked repeatedly with Benzema and Aubameyang and just like Internet Explorer, they just might never connect with them. But bringing in the Gabon international will rectify the problem of a slow center forward, Aubameyang is fast and also a goalscorer, it is impossible though for Dortmund to let him go.

Benzema on the other hand will bring flavour to their striking force, which is what they lack really. Arsenal needs fast players, they play fast but lack the players with the attribute. Welbeck might be fast, but in my opinion he is not a goalscorer, he barks but doesn’t bite.

We know money is no longer a problem, with club director Lord Harris saying earlier this week that the manager is armed with £200 million for transfer.

So why is Wenger not spending? Over the past few months, Wenger won’t stop insisting that Arsenal now has a winning mentality. I hope he knows it won’t be enough to win the EPL.



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