This Model Has The Biggest Fake Boobs In Australia At Size 8M And She Might Be Enlarging Them Again

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She has Australia’s biggest fake boobs at Size 8M, has constant back ache, sometimes knocks everything over while she does little things like try to get a drink and she might still be enlarging her boobs.

Sarah Marie Summer who has described herself as a model and an actress and who takes offense for being called a porn star has revealed that she is just a sexual person, thinks owning her sexuality is art and she actually does not have a problem contrary to what a lot of people might actually think about her decisions to keep going under the knife to enlarge the size of her boobs.

Sarah Marie Summer 2  Sarah marie summer She says that contrary to what people say, she does not need help, she actually wants to look “silly”.

Sarah has also expressed her challenges in finding a suitable bra (which is not surprising) and says she just might go under the knife again if she thinks it is time.

Crazy or Uncrazy?

What do you guys think?



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