Things Men Hate About Women

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Let’s face it, women are full of drama. Hardly will a day go by without one drama. It is as if we thrive on it and the men in our lives are sometimes understanding and will overlook our shortcomings but there are days or some things we do they just can’t stand.

They hate these things and they wish you could stop it:


This is top on my list because most women think they are passing on the much needed information to their partner while nagging. There is a big difference between communicating and screaming on top of your lungs. You have to really understand the difference in order not to get on his nerves every time. A man would hate it when you talk to him as if he is a child that can’t tell his right from left. He is not a baby, he’s a grown man.

          Playing Spy:

Okay, it is understandable that you want to protect the man you love and you want to watch him closely so no one steals him away from you. Yeah, it is almost normal to be protective and jealous but going all the way to play cop is not cool. He doesn’t like it when you check his phone all the time, follow him about, always looking for something incriminating. Give him a break, please. If you love him, you should trust him or isn’t that what relationships are about?

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          Kiss And Tell:

Guys hate it when you about telling tales about your affairs especially those ones that are supposed to be private. I know we like to show off our men and the wonderful things they do for us but try and keep things on a low. Don’t go blurting things that are supposed to be between you guys alone. It just shows you can’t keep a secret.

          Excessive makeup every time:

I saw a dp one time that says that some women won’t look any different on their wedding day because they wear bridal makeup to the library. Men like to see you look good but they love to see the natural you too. How many men can stand the shock of being transformed from a very beautiful lady with flawless skin during the day to pimple faced lady by night. Tone it down, be comfortable in your own skin.

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          Being Late on purpose:

There is nothing cool about keeping a man waiting on purpose; it irritates men like a lot. More than half of the guys know can’t stand waiting for a woman to finish dressing up or waiting for her to show up. We like to look good, take our time to turn heads and melt the hearts of our men but always be time conscious.

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Men also hate it when you talk about dieting and keeping  fit especially when the whole talk is not having any effect on you physically. They also hate it when a woman has bad taste in clothing, can’t take care of herself or is overly dependent on men to get everything. Men also hate women who are uncultured, rude and hot tempered. Many of these terrible habits have ruined what should have been the best relationships, so it is advisable that women work on themselves to be better women for their partners.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. Things that many men find annoying about women:

    1. When women talk about ” gorgeous guys ” . Men, unless they are iffeminite, have little time for girls who openly talk about men in such terms. If they choose the company of men on this basis, they should find some gay men for companionship. It,s a real turn off for many men, irrespective of what they themselves may look like.

    2. Women who are ignorant, abusive, or just blank men out who approach them. The vast majority of men would never think of being ignorant or verbally abusive to a girl who made an effort to approach them, even if they are not the slightest bit interested in them, because to do so would be disgraceful behaviour.

    3. Women who have children and who talk about absolutely nothing else and who do not appreciate that you, yourself are single, and do not obsess over children, that you do not even yourself have. If the child picks his/her nose, plays a musical instrument etc, then that is the next subject of discussion, that you obliged to listen to, for hour, after hour and there are no other subjects of discussion permitted.

    4. Women ( and oh, there are so many ) who have so many restrictions on what they are prepared to do in the bedroom that it is practically better just to forget the idea entirely and go for a walk instead.

    5. Women who dictate to men how they should behave and what they are not allowed to do. Your in trouble because I saw you looking at another girl, or, your not allowed to look at erotic material, because I don’t like it, or stop adjusting what is in your underwear, if it is going to cause you an injury when you sit, then that is preferable to you undertaking the adjustment.

    6. The importance placed upon eating together. Some men have this character trait as well, but not so much as women. If you eat, because you were hungry, and then mention that you won’t later be sitting at a table for the evening meal for this reason, then it is an unforgivable major tradegy. How could you possibly have done such a thing when you knew that we were all probably going to eat together later. Simple, because it is a neccessary bodily function undertaken when your body tells you that it needs sustenance.

    7. Being so nieve and gullible as to follow every fashion trend, irrespective of how daft it might be, and showering praise and attention upon men who follow really stupid ones, like walking about in public with their trousers falling down, not shaving for four days, or wearing jeans that look like they were found in the bottom of a rubbish tip. Women are very clever, but when it comes to gullibility over fashion cons, any traits of intelligence disappear.

    8. ( this is one almost exclusively attributable to girls in their late teens) Purposelly targeting guys who are the very worst examples of mankind. Real dregs of society who have little in the way of morals. Then getting so upset when the obvious happens. ” oh he is such a pig, etc” Wow, big surprise. Got you pregnant and lied about wanting to remain with you eh? Oh boy, can hardly believe it.

  2. Well most of them nowadays are so very pathetic altogether since they have such a very bad attitude problem, no manors at all, and they will even curse at us good men for no reason at all when we will try to start a conversation with them. Very troubled women nowadays that really need help very badly.

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