The End? A Hearse Arrives At Bobbi Kristina’s Hospice

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Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in a bathtub on January 31 this year and since then, everything has gone downward spiral.

From preventing Nick Gordon from seeing Bobbi Kristina, to realizing they weren’t legally married and to various stories of Nick possibly hitting Bobbi Kristina, the world has been let in on what seems to be the most tragic story in Hollywood for a while.

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And now, after months of being on life support with the world hoping some miracle would happen, Bobbi Kristina is reportedly being moved into a Hearse from her Hospice.

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According to photos from Dailymail, a Hearse arrived at Bobbi Kristina’s Hospice today and parked near a “mysterious” tent which has not been there before.

Bobbi K 2  Bobbi K 3  Bobbi K

It is being reported that Bobbi Kristina might be in the process of being moved to get ready for her funeral.

Whitney Houston was found the same way her daughter was found unconscious in 2012.



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