The Dark Knight Will Return: Ben Affleck To Star In A New ‘Batman’ Movie

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DC & Warner Bros have announced a new Batman movie.


Current Batman Ben Affleck will star in the movie, and will also direct it.

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The Gone Girl star will also co-write the movie with DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.

Affleck’s first role as the stealthy hero will be in 2016’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by an appearance in 2017’s Justice League movie.

With all these lined up, a release date for Affleck’s stand-alone flick is yet to be announced.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Affleck revealed he was surprised when director Zack Snyder had approached him to play the role of Gotham’s protector.

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‘My first reaction was, “Are you sure?”, Affleck said.

‘At the time I was 40, 41, and had just finished Argo, and I felt like “This seems like a strange way to get to Batman.”



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