Sugar Daddy Chronicles (Teaser)

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

The unapologetic bitch… or something like that.

That was what I decided to title my Vlog when I started it. The reason was quite clear – I did not give two f**ks about what anybody thought about my lifestyle or the choices I made.

In fact, I was quite proud of it.

Being a landlady in Lekki Phase One where I owned an entire duplex to myself in an area where you broke ass people can’t afford to pay rent and where the roads never looked like the Atlantic ocean had relocated to my neighborhood, driving some of the most expensive cars in the world (yes, broke bitches, I mean the world, the f**king world) and buying the classiest labels in the world was enough reason to be proud to be a sugar baby.

I was proud of the woman I had become in my mid-twenties, damn all the feminism talk and why a woman should learn how to pay her bills. Why I gotta pay bills when I own a vagina?

Listen, the Vagina is God’s gift to women to rule the world.

You got it, you rule the freaking world.

You don’t rule the freaking world, then you might as well trade your Vagina for a penis ’cause you don’t need it, and don’t forget to ask for forgiveness on Sunday because you didn’t use the gift you were handed from Heaven.

Oh the rants when I get bored.

The afternoon was hot and my AC was working at its best but this was not one of those days I felt like crossing my recently waxed thighs while waiting for Cherokee.

He liked for me to wait in bed; my only clothing one of the expensive sheer Victoria Secret lingerie he had shipped in for me from the States, my head on my elbow and my fingers playing with my full boobs and clit while I waited for him.

He wanted to walk in on me anticipating his short, bald self and he wanted to bark orders while I turned and gave him the best fuck of his whole fifty five years of existence.

Not like I had a problem with that, I just did not feel like lying down in bed waiting for his narcissitic self that afternoon.

So, dressed in my black lingerie, my ass free of any panties, I took a short trip to the Fridge, pulled out a bottle of coke and strolled to the verandah.

One thing you should know, is that, I love to taste good down there and so, I eat pineapples a lot because you know, they taste when you’re being eated and give whoever your eater is the best flavor he’s had in his life.

Even Ice cream won’t rival you.

But again, I did not feel like caring about what Cherokee would taste when he eventually arrived in a few minutes to eat me.

And that was why I opened the Pet coke and took a long gulp.

I was out on the verandah after the second gulp; my duplex was the most beautiful and fanciest in the estate, it boasted of a large expanse of land, a swimming pool and a Gym.

It was also picture perfect – the railings were gold, real gold (before some broke ass people think it was painted with gold paint), the lawn was well tended and the security was top notch.

Talking about the lawn, a new gardener or was it horticulturist was supposed to resume for the day today, I hadn’t seen him yet but I hoped for his own good that he was good.

I took no chances, I gave no fucks, I did not have feelings.

The weather suddenly got hotter and I became moist under and no, the Sun was not getting credit for this, the shirtless man whose sweat glistened on his well sculpted body in the afternoon sun as he worked his firm hands on my lawn was getting the credit.

I suddenly stood there, losing myself as I watched him tend to the lawn like it was his girl.

Hmm… this one would know how to touch a woman.

I wanted to find out. I wanted to be more than a boss.

He looked up then, smiled and bowed.

I smiled, soon his head would be lowered for other purposes, and it wouldn’t be in greeting.

I swigged my coke and winked.

My name is Kelechi Mbah, I got whatever the fuck I wanted and I was going to get this Lynxx look alike.


Sugar Daddy Chronicles by Tomilola Coco Adeyemo.



Content Writer|Screenwriter|Coke Addict|Feminist|Amala Activist|Future Hero. Twitter&Instagram @Tomilola_coco


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