Sugar Daddy Chronicles (Erotica) #8 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Hi Guys. A few people have been asking for the marathon episodes on Twitter. I asked here and nobody said anything, I figured that meant you didn’t want it. If it was wanted, then the comment section would have reflected that. I’m blogging this cos @Hibukkun won’t let me rest lol. This one’s for you, b.

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God bless.


When you’re a sugar baby, your options were sometimes limited when it came to the relationship you were in – the major decisions were usually ultimately the Sugar Daddy’s, you really could not decide when you wanted to have sex and you basically just took everything your Sugar Daddy offered.

I was a stubborn child, my mother used to say that she literally had to beat the stubborness out of me when I was a little girl and the rest that koboko couldn’t help, prayers did.
But if I had to be truthful, the stubborness never really vacated my body. Truth was, I doubt it ever would.

And it got me into a lot of trouble with Cherokee and with the way things were going with LJP, it was going to land me in bigger trouble.

I was sitting on the bed half naked, my legs crossed and my eyes fixed on a copy of Vogue magazine when he entered the room.

It had been a few hours since he left for the meeting and I was prepared to tell him I was not about that BDSM life.

I did not need pain to be inflicted on me before I got turned on and there was no way I was going to let some old man with a kinky sex life turn my body into music and make several beats out of it.

Sorry, Don Jazzy. Make your beats out of someone else, maybe even Carmen Ho.

He did not talk much to me when he came in and I slept not long after he’d slept.

In the morning, his fingers woke me.

They had found their way into my pussy and he was finger fucking me when I woke up.

He pressed his body hard against mine and I could feel him behind me, he was as hard as a rock.

His fingers moved in and out of me slowly at first and then later, it became faster.

He bit my ears gently, then slowly, guided my hand to his cock.

I held it in my hand, working it deftly, the way I knew he would like it.

Slowly, he slid my thong to the side and entered me.

I gasped, moaned his name as he pressed me closer and fucked me from the back.

He did it slowly and that caused me to go crazy because slow did things to your mind, slow would make you want fast and slow would make you want to come fast.

He turned me around suddenly, I buried my head in the pillow as he knelt behind me and once again slid into me.

“I’m going to come.” I moaned and then he stopped.

“No. Not yet.” He said, stood and walked to the door.

I was wondering what he was doing when he returned with Carmen.

Puzzled, I looked from the bitch to LJP. What in the world was going on?

Carmen began to unbutton her shirt, revealing a set of fresh boobs hidden under a white bra.

Within seconds, her bra was gone and so was her skirt.

She stood in front of me, her hands on her waist and her face not saying much.

Wait, what exactly was happening here?

LJP tucked her hair behind her ear and trailed kisses down her neck, then he took both boobs in his hands and sucked hard at her nipples.

She grabbed his head in her hands and moaned.

Then as if I had not been surprised enough, he suddenly stopped, slid her pant down her legs and motioned to the bed.

Before I knew it, Carmen was on top of me, her mouth on my boobs.

I wanted to shove her off me, I was not a lesbian, nah, I loved dicks way too much for that but I also always loved to experiment.

However, what was making me so damn mad about this arrangement was that I was not involved in the planning. These two people had made up their minds for us three.

What the actual fuck?

“Fuck” I was going to scream now, not because of my anger but because Carmen had dedicated her hands to my boobs and her mouth was now teasing my clit.

I wanted to be mad but I couldn’t get up, not when this woman was doing inexplicable things to me.

“Make her come, Carmen” LJP whispered and it was the last thing I heard before I climaxed.

“Your turn.” Carmen said to me, a smile on her face.

No, I was not doing this.

I was not going to be a toy to these people. I stood, grabbed my dress and dashed out of the room.
Like I told you before, I was not about that independent woman life. But days like this one, I secretly wished I had a talent of some sort or that I could actually work my ass off at an Office, get a salary and be content with whatever lifestyle I could afford.

I knew deep down that I was just mad at LJP but this lifestyle, this one that allowed me live in a world where I could get whatever fancy material thing I wanted and all the money, was not one I was willing to let go of.

I suddenly felt a presence near me on the beach where I was sitting. I looked around, it was AKT.

We sat in silence for a long time, the only noise coming from the waves of the sea and the only form of communication coming from the light the moon casted on the water.

“You know, when I won the lottery that first changed my life and made me into a millionaire, you were the first woman I thought of. When I got this job and my immediate bosses were sacked and I was promoted to my current position, you were the only woman I wanted to spent the moment with.”

I was not looking at him, did not want to see whatever expression his face bore.

“But last night, I lost it with you. You’re just an idiot who does not know and see what is good for her. You would forever settle for less and refuse to see you can do better.”

I did not need to look at him to see the pain. I did not have to.

I could see it clearly from the words he spoke to me.

And for the first time in my life since I made the decision to be who I was, I actually felt maybe I deserved more.

Maybe AKT was right.

Maybe I should be making him my option and not fucking rich men for money.

Tears gathered in my eyes, and as the last bit of darkness that separated the night from day faded away, the tears cascaded down my cheeks.

Yeah, I was fucked up.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles



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