Sugar Daddy Chronicles (Erotica) #6 By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

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The fucking lucky bitch… or something like that

That was me right now. That was me Kelechi Olivia Mbah.

I eased into the backseat of the sleek black Rolls Royce Jimi Pearson had sent to get me from my Lekki Phase One apartment.

Immediately the door shut and I relaxed my head on the leather seat, I took my time to survey the car – it was smooth, neat and elegant, the leather seat which was black was certainly one that wouldn’t tear or scratch, I bet not even when a knife was dug into it.

I know that might sound ridiculous but how else do you describe such elegance and beauty?

Rihanna’s California King Bed began to play as the Driver pulled out of the driveway and headed to Jimi Pearson’s house.

I smiled reflexively, that was one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite Artistes. This was good; riding in one of the best cars, listening to my favorite Artiste sing my favorite song.

Life is fucking good without your angry old self, Cherokee.

Now that I am well scrubbed, clean and on a twenty minutes or so journey to Jimi Pearson’s house, I can give a backstory.

Three words basically described Jimi Pearson – Elite, Hunk, Wealthy.

He was the third son of a man who had come from a long line of wealthy people and rumor had it that during the civil war, his father and Uncle, sided with Ojukwu and gave the East and gave them a lot of financial aid.

Oh yeah, they had that much money.

And because of how connected with power they were not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole, they were extremely famous, had a great network with the people that mattered in the world and were somewhat mysterious because they always kept a low profile.

And just in case y’all were wondering how to measure the Pearsons’ wealth, here it is; If Otedola and the other Hausa guy are rich, Pearson is money.

Rihanna’s What’s My Name was playing now.

Did he go and get my entire favorite playlist? It was on some of my pictures on Instagram anyway, that I loved these particular songs.

As the Driver arrived at Jimi Pearson’s mansion in Banana Island, I wondered how I had come to get lucky.

LJP as everyone called him was twice divorced, had two spoilt kids; one of which deluded herself with the thoughts of possessing a talent and released horrible music every other month (I wonder how 360nobs and the other blogs cope with the comments that come with the music?) and recently purchased an online media from a South African worth millions of naira.

It was the most recent I knew about him on the outside and as the Driver swiped his security card at the gate so we could gain entrance, I realized as the gates opened and we drove in that I was about to know the mysterious LJP the way many people didn’t.


I was not one to be nervous around anyone, but around LJP, I was soon to realize that I was not only nervous, I was slightly insecure.

I was browsing through one of my favorite style pages on Instagram when he came down the stairs.

“Hey, Cupcake.”

That voice.

Have you ever heard a rich, deep and husky voice before? You have? Now add honey to that, with a resounding sound, the type of feel you get with that? That is what I got with LJP. If that were even possible.

His voice reminded me too much of Yemi Blaq’s.

He stretched out his arms for an embrace and I found myself standing and walking into it.

I had picked one of my favorite dresses for this meeting, it was a red April By Kunbi dress, it hugged my body, accentuated my little curves, gave my petite ass a lift and did justice to my 36C boobs.

It was supposed to make me feel more comfortable but with this man, comfort was not even close to me.

And I was not uncomfortable in a bad way, I was uncomfortable in a way that was… exciting.

Call me confused but that is what it was.

When the embrace was over, I took a few steps back and for the first time in my life, I got a good glimpse of what this man looked like in person.

He was fucking handsome.

At 55, the man could compete with any young hot man on the cover of GQ or Made Men or whatever the magazine that celebrated male sexuality.

His height could rival a Billboard or TV model and his body was toned, a definite result of constant hardwork at the Gym.

He was good to look out and he was certainly a turn on.

“You look beautiful” He said, placed a quick kiss on my forehead and then added, “Come, we are late.”

He held me as we walked out of his magnificent sitting area, through a marbled hallway and into the backyard.

See, this man’s house was the most majestic place I have ever witnessed in my entire life and describing it would fill an entire book and as much as I wanted to, I was also overwhelmed.

This was a lot, it was a whole lot. I would literally need a year to take in details and then talk about everything.

Outside, his Chopper was waiting and LJP was inscribed on it in gold.

He helped me into my seat and then got in beside me – he was flying us to wherever we were going.

I smiled inwardly, this rich hot man could fly me any fucking where and I would be fine.

I was ready for him to fly me and take me places.


The Chopper landed where we hopped on LJP’s Private Jet and then, we flew with class all the way to Dubai.

I was served the most exquisite cuisine as we flew and I tasted some of the weirdest meals I have ever eaten in my life but know something, it might have been weird tasting but it was fucking good!

And all the pleasures I had witnessed in a few hours, I did not witness with Cherokee in years.

Fucking broke ugly Sugar Daddy.

Somewhere atop the atlantic ocean, I slept off and only woke when we had reached our destination.

“You looked so beautiful when you were sleeping that it would have been a crime to wake you.” He said softly when we were on our way to the Hotel we would be staying in.

“You’re flattering me” I said in response and he shook his head.

“I’m serious.”

He kissed me on the forehead again and it felt so good, I instinctively placed my head on his strong shoulder.

We were staying in Burj Al Arab, he’d told me during our long flight shortly before I fell asleep.

And when we got there, he’d told me we would be staying in a room underwater and nervous as I was to be there, it was also too beautiful to turn away.

The room was illuminated by the rich blueness of the water separated from us by the glass wall, the fishes that swam around creating a close feel with nature that felt surreal.

Instinctively, I reached to touch the glass and LJP let out a deep laugh that eventually caused me to laugh too.

“I see you like it.” He said as he closed in on me, his hand gripped my waist and pinned it close to himself.

I could feel his hardness against me, the warmth of his breath against my skin and when he eventually kissed me on my neck, I shivered.

I wanted this man, the whole of him and asides from his wallet, I wanted his cock too, buried deep inside of me.

“I know I promised to be a gentleman but I would also like to promise to seduce you.”

I giggled, like I would resist that.

“Do you want to eat something before you shower or you’d shower before you eat?” He asked as he removed the Polo shirt he was wearing.

“I would like to shower first.”


I wrapped myself in a white towel and found a dress on the bed when I stepped out of the shower, as he had promised, my Prada dress was there on the bed.

It was a blue knee length dress that I would normally not purchase but would wear because of the label.

“Do you want to come out with me for dinner? I would have loved for us to sit here and have dinner together but like I mentioned earlier, I came here with a few employees and there are a few things we need to discuss before our major meeting tomorrow. But if you don’t want to…”

I shrugged, “it’s fine.”

“Okay. You and I would have dinner first then I would join you back here after my meeting with the employees.”

I was fine with that. What was the point of wearing Prada if you could not show it anyway?

We made it out of the door when he had slipped into a white T – shirt and a pair of slacks.

This man was just too fine for his own good and age abeg.


We had ordered dinner and were halfway into it when I got my first surprise that night and no, it was nothing close to being pleasant.

AKT was standing right there, by my side, looking at me. His face was expressionless.

LJP suddenly noticed him and he smiled, “I did not think you would come out and have dinner, Akin” He said.

“I’m glad I did, Sir. This place is full of surprises”

I did not miss the hidden meaning his statement carried.

“I agree.” LJP said and then faced me, “This is Akin Thomas, he is the Digital Director of our recently purchased online media firm.”

“Hi Kelechi. Fancy seeing you here.” AKT said, “But you are always everywhere so this isn’t a surprise.”

Alright, AKT. Stop acting like an idiot, I’m a sugar baby not your girlfriend Ugh!


Sugar Daddy Chronicles

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo




Content Writer|Screenwriter|Coke Addict|Feminist|Amala Activist|Future Hero. Twitter&Instagram @Tomilola_coco


  1. Wats Akt feeling like? Mshewwwwww!! Ehen Tomi I. Yaff like d pishure where r d “plenty” episodes ” u promised? Waiting o!

  2. First class Gobe mehn…but I can trust that akt will be a fine gentleman about it…if only to keep his job.

  3. LRs Sugar Daddy + Akt Sugar Man + Kaycee sugar baby toh bad… Imangine such scene in a movie… Hmm /:) and tomilola_coco where is our extra episode ehn [-(

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