Sugar Daddy Chronicles (Erotica) #2 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Because I am feeling generous today…

I returned home to meet Cherokee all freshened up, a half empty bottle of cognac sitting by his side on the stool, his gaze set on his digital tab while he nodded to Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing which wafted through the sitting room.

He was seated in his favorite chair in the house, which was close to the door, his chubby hands boasting of expensive diamond cuffs.

I settled into a seat opposite him, my eyes on him, wondering what the hell he was thinking getting married again at his age.

I know wealthy people make irrational decisions because they just thought they could but some decisions were just too extreme, like marriage for a man like Cherokee at the age of fifty five.

But that was none of my business, really. If the guy wanted to get married, why not? I would be stepping on toes, would be hated forever by Natasha but who cares?

I only cared about money and the things it could do for me, Natasha could do scarce nothing for me.

“There is something I have to tell you.” He said, his eyes still fixed on the tab in his hands.

I listened, waiting for what I already knew was coming.

My bank account was almost empty, I did not have up to a hundred thousand in it at the moment and the reason was not farfetched – I splurged on designer clothes, bags, shoes and my human hair was always the unadulterated one straight from where A list celebrities in America got theirs.

And so whenever Cherokee credited my account at the end of the month, my wardrobe got a makeover, my body got some good loving at my favorite spa and my personal stylist got my hair done.

But when Cherokee did propose, as much as that was not an exciting prospect, what would happen to my bank account was.

He looked at me now, discarding the digital tab in his hands.

There was a long stretch of silence and tensing of muscles from his end which made me wonder if he was nervous.

Wait, he was nervous? Cherokee was nervous? I almost laughed out loud. That was not him, he was never one to get nervous, not around me at least.

I crossed over to where he was, sat by him and took his hands in mine. He had to know I was not going to say no to his money.

I would never dream of doing that.

“I’m getting a divorce from my wife and I am getting married again to someone else.”

I smiled, that was okay, that was welcome.

But why was he still looking nervously at me.

“I’m not going to be here much when I get married which is in a month. My new wife is Liberian and she lives in the states and…”

My hands had dropped his and I was now gaping in shock. I gathered all the strength inside of me, as  I tried not to slap the breath out of him.

“What?” It was all I could eventually say when the initial shock had passed.

His response came out quickly, “We can still see but I won’t be here much and your allowance at the end of the month would reduce…”

“Son of a bitch.” He had been fucking this Liberian chic while he was fucking me and had then chosen her over me? Who said men were better when they aged? They were all bastards regardless of the penis sizes!


“You were fucking other people?”

He nodded, then his brows creased into a frown, “Weren’t you?”

No, no I was not. But I was going to. I was going to fuck other people and I was starting now.

I walked past him and made for the door.

“Kelechi!” He called but I ignored him. I walked out of the door and went in search of that Lynxx look alike I had just recently employed.


“I was just going to call you, Ma. I am getting ready to leave and…”

“Shut up and follow me.” I said and dragged him along with me to the Gym. The Gym was dark and empty, perfectly ready for the purpose I needed it for. “Strip” I ordered.

He stared at me blankly, as if I had spoken Greek.

“I said strip!”

“Ma, I…”

If he did not understand words, then he would understand actions. I lifted his grey vest, which clung to his toned abs like glue and began to pull it off his body.

He refused to raise his hands, thereby making it difficult for me to remove the vest.

“I have a girlfriend, ma” He said.

I chuckled, for some reason that became a turn on for my already turned on state. “Ehen?” I said and got on my knees.

“Biko, that your girlfriend needs to be forgotten like right now.” I pulled down the zip of his black jeans, found his cock and put it in my mouth. His hands tried to push me away but I must be damned if I stopped.

I held his balls and played with them with my left hand and worked him with my right hand while I slid him in and out of my mouth.

He hardened as I continued to lick him all over.

Girlfriend ko, no be only girlfriend. mchew.

In fact, by the time I was done giving her boyfriend the fuck of his life, she would send me a letter of gratitude.

He moaned when my mouth left his hardened cock for a second and focused on the balls.

I licked, I sucked, I drew on them and then, returned my mouth to the cock.

This time around, I worked my mouth on him in a faster rhythm. He moaned in pleasure and cussed under his breath.

That pushed me to work faster and in a matter of seconds, he came all over my mouth.

I tapped him gently, wanting him to watch me swallow his cum.

He watched as I swallowed every drop of it, my tongue licking it all up.

“Now strip.” I ordered again and this time, he was an obedient boy.

He pulled off his grey vest, giving me an unabridged look at his body. He was well built, the result of what I knew must be a lot of time spent at the gym, his six packs rivaled most of the ones I had seen on Hollywood actors and his arms were firm and strong.

If I was one to have emotions, I would have fallen in love at the point.

He got out of his jeans, then pulled me closer to him. I might have still been clothed, but my boobs against his bare chest made my nipples harden.

He crushed his mouth against mine, his tongue invading my mouth, exploring it like a tourist would a newly discovered geographic location.

He carried me, wrapped my legs around himself and pushed me against the closest wall to us.

I tried to remove my dress.

“No. I’m fucking you with your dress on.”

I was going to ask why when he slid my pant aside and thrust into me. I hadn’t even realized how wet I was until he said, “damn you’re so wet…”

He went it deep and fast, causing me to moan maybe a little too loudly because by the time he came inside me and I looked up I could see Cherokee glaring at us both.

“I thought you said you weren’t sleeping with someone else?”


Sugar Daddy Chronicles

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo



Content Writer|Screenwriter|Coke Addict|Feminist|Amala Activist|Future Hero. Twitter&Instagram @Tomilola_coco


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