Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #12 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Hey guys, for those who voted for Nikki during her Zaron competition, she won. Thanks so much for the votes. It made a huge difference!


Sugar Daddy chronicles 2

The thoroughly beaten bitch or something like that… that was my current status.

LJP and I left the event immediately after that first slap, then we ended up in his house where he slapped me more times to drive home a point.

In fact, for every word he spoke, he gave me a slap.

“You…” slap, “must…” slap, “never…” slap, “do…” slap, “that…” slap, “again” slap.

I might as well have been a bata drum because I don’t think anyone else in the world has felt someone else’s hand on their cheeks that much in so little time.

He drew out his LV belt, pushed me into the bed and landed it on me severally.

I was not one to receive a beating and cry, I was one who fought back and so, I got up, wrestled with the belt and tried to yank it off him.

The shock in his eyes when he found out how much I was willing to fight back was not surprising to me.

I was kicking, scratching and hitting now.

If the maniac thought he could beat me and leave without scratches, he had to get that insane head of his checked.

Motherfucking son of a bitch.

My long artificial nails had dug into his cheek now and he winced in pain for a second.

I was glad that very moment that I had told the girl that fixed my nails to make it “very pencil” the last time.

I made a mental note to tell her to “always make it pencil” henceforth.

While I tried to find a way out of the fucked up situation I had found myself, I needed a weapon – even if it was my artificial nails.

He was on top of me now and I was trying to fight him off, this had obviously gone in the direction he had least expected.


The old man thought I was going to lie down and watch him beat me? He had to be as deluded as his talentless daughter who churned out ridiculous music to terrorise Nigerians.


I dug my finger into his eyes, he yelled in pain and I laughed.

“Jimi Pearson, you must be mad if you think I would take this rubbish!” I spat and made to repeat the action on his other eye but he might have been blindsided the first time, he clearly was not letting it happen a second time.

He held my hands tightly and hit me severally with his belt. I screamed, desperate to alert his domestic staff.

They did not need to come to my rescue, not like they ever would but they also needed to know their boss was mad.

He raised the belt again hit me hard, then he pulled the dress which was now baring my ass further up my body, slid my pant aside and entered me in one quick thrust.

I gasped.

Of course, a scene like this was going to turn this man on.

He was banging me hard in seconds and I was too much in shock to react.

What was this life I was caught up in?

I laughed, when did I actually think it was okay to live like this? At what point exactly did I consciously tell myself it was acceptable to be this woman?

“You wish he was the one fucking you like this, huh?” He was grunting in my ear, biting it and pushing deeper into me. “I will fuck you up, Kaycee. Don’t try me.”

He was thrusting roughly in and out of me and I knew it was on purpose. I was not even wet, was not even feeling this and I was almost certain I would have bruises when this was over.


He stilled.

There was a long stretch of silence before he dug himself deeper into me in faster and harder thrusts and eventually came inside.


He got off me, dressed himself and walked to the door. He opened the door slightly, peeped out and said, “Tope, baby how are you?”

Tope Pearson.

That was the talentless singer I had been telling y’all about.

I had always hated to hear her voice, always. But for the first time, I was grateful for that voice.

It had just saved me from whatever would have come next after that physical and sexual abuse.

The door closed behind him as he joined his daughter outside the room, I shut my eyes tightly and tried not to cry.

This was not what I had bargained for, assuming I bargained for anything that is.

I did not want to be beaten, did not want to be treated like this.

My phone rang, it was AKT.

“Hello Kaycee, please tell me you’re alright.”

His voice drove me quickly to the verge of tears, faster than any car could have and faster than any aircraft could ever.

“Kaycee, talk to me babe.”

There was no stopping the tears now, they fell and drenched the pillow and they were followed by the sobs.

“I’m coming to get you.”


I did not want him entangled in all of these, this was a decision I had made entirely by myself. I was not willing to drag someone else into my mess.

“You must be kidding if you think I would let someone beat you up while I stand by and watch”

“Don’t be stupid, AKT. We cannot do anything about this situation. Our hands are tied and… and he has different sex tapes of me that he’s threatened to use against me if I ever walk.”

“The bastard.”

My phone beeped, Step down’s call was waiting.

“AKT, I have to go.”

I hung up before he hesitated. I picked Step down’s call, “Hey. Long time.”

“Kelechi Mbah! How far now? I was surprised when I saw your call o. Wassup with you?”

Haha like I could tell him wassup with me for real. I steered the conversation in another direction and when he told me he was going to be in VI in an hour, I told him I was going to see him soon.
Kofo lived in VI, I would go to hers and see him from there.


“Ehn? O se kini? He beat you? Wait, are we talking about your father here? Because that’s the only man in the world the Bible allows to beat you.” Kofo had abandoned her hot meal of amala, ewedu and goat meat and she was now gaping at me in shock.

“I wish. But even my father never laid his hands on me.”

Kofo shook her head, returned to her food and continued to eat. And for the next thirty minutes, she said nothing about the topic.

I had actually thought she was not interested in the line of conversation again until when I was in my car, getting ready to leave for Step down’s location an hour later.

“Don’t worry my dear. God would send you someone to help you deal with that man.” she said to me gently, her hands gently rubbing my face.

I frowned, since when did my cousin care enough about God to mention Bible and God in the same day?

And she was also telling me God would send me someone? Something was going on but I did not have time to wait and find out.

I smiled at her, “Thanks, Kofo.”

She winked and signaled for her gateman to open the gate, I was speeding towards Step down in a few minutes.

“Do you still smoke?” was the first question I asked after we had settled in the VVIP section of the club he was at.

He threw his head back and laughed, “Before nko?”

And he made calls to hook me up. I needed the smoke, I needed to be high because I couldn’t go through another second without thinking of suicide.

I tried to commit suicide guys… Okay maybe not try try. But I climbed that bridge by Lekki Phase One bus stop and tried to see what my chances of dying was, if I jumped down.


But then, I was back to my car and back to the house in no time.

I loved life too much to die.

When I got back to mine, a uniformed guy was waiting for me with a medium sized food pack.

“I did not order for food.”

“No, but Miss Kofo did.”

I nodded slowly. Why was Kofo sending food to my house?

The guy who was dressed in the uniform of one of the popular food places in Lagos handed me the food pack and receipt and was gone before I knew it.

I called Kofo, “Babe, they brought food here they said it is from you.”

“Yes. shebi you said you cannot get out of the situation you’re in abi?”


“But you can teach that man a lesson.” I was more confused than ever. “I would send you a text, Kelechi.” then she hung up.

What was she up to?

When life sent you lemons and oranges and whatever fruit life felt like delivering at your doorstep, all you needed was a crazy cousin and a juice extractor to turn the situation around.

Now, sit back and enjoy the events of the day as I narrate it while I sip on my favorite liquor of the moment half naked, chilling by my Jacuzzi.

I’d received the first text my cousin sent me immediately that call from her came in.
It had been simple and clear, so I would share it all with you. They say life is best depicted in pictures, don’t they?

Rih 2

I had arrived at LJP’s and apologized

Thing with attacking your enemy from the inside was, you gotta make him trust you.
So you had to sometimes go all in to win that trust so you could strike and that was what I did with LJP.

I made him trust me by stroking his ego and begging him. Then, I did the next thing Kofo asked me, I ate some of the food she ordered.

It was hot spicy pepper soup.

The type that made nobody want a head from you after you’d eaten it.

Then, I let LJp fuck me the way he liked it – my hands and legs tied to his bedpost and all that.

Then, telling him it was my turn, I tied him up too, indulged him in the 69 (during which I noticed he was uncomfortable thanks to the pepper soup) before I got up, carried the remaining bowl of pepper soup and emptied it on his hardened cock.

You don’t want to know what happened next.

I made it out alive though, at least I am in my jacuzzi now but I would let you guys in on what happened next, soon.

For now, I looked around me, raised my glass and winked.

I knew he was watching from wherever and I needed him to know I was ready to fuck him up as much as he was ready to do same to me.

Who’s your daddy now ehn, LJP?

Guys, the tag below has all of the previous episodes of Sugar Daddy Chronicles. A couple of people have been asking me for previous episodes, all you need to do is click on the link below. Thanks.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles



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  1. Okay, am I the only one that thinks kaleechi is screwed. Ljp will fuck her up o, but I like her gut and kofo my new roles model in Jennifer’s voice

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