Sugar Daddy Chronicles (Erotica) #10 by @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

The unrepentant bitch or something like that.

That was who I was now.

After I found out AKT and I were the same type of people.

I walked towards my car, still in shock over what I had just seen.

Was that the explanation for this lifestyle? I mean, the car and money was from his lottery and fancy job but even a lame man in Lagos knew there had to be more than two sources of income for someone to live in Banana Island.

I should have seen more clearly if I was not so blinded by the wealth, the magnificence of his house and the fancy lifestyle he was living.

I turned on the radio as I returned back to my house. Now I was Sugar Daddy-less, I was broke and

I was owing my mental cousin.

What a great life.

One of the popular OAPs in Lagos was on air, her unplaceable accent irritating my ears.

What was it with these OAPs and their ridiculous accents? Some of them didn’t even realize they were sounding retarded sometimes.

This particular one was speaking with a drawl and placing emphasis on her “Rs” and “Ts” while adding “like” to every single statement she made.

Ugh, some of these people needed to be forcefully relocated to the middle east with their mouth duck taped forever.

My phone rang and saved me from the menace that was the OAP’s accent.

Shall we boycott all the radio stations with OAPs that have silly accents in Nigeria? I know it sounds ridiculous but maybe then, only the ones with real accents would be left and we would be rid of those cockroaches.

My phone was going to ring out, I dug it out of my Hermes bag and checked the caller ID.

Crap. It was my mom.

I dropped it back inside the bag and let it ring out.

See, I have not seen my mom, neither have I spoken to her in months and here is the reason; she hates the fact that I have chosen to be a sugar baby.

Not like I told her anything, she found out, confronted me and I did not see any reason to deny it.

And that drew us apart.

We barely spoke, barely communicated and I only called on her birthdays.

Now she was calling me.


The phone rang again.

Okay, this was weird. Maybe I could find out what was going on.

I picked. “Hello mummy.”

“Kelechi, please help me thank your husband. God will bless him. He paid our rent and saved us from being thrown out in the streets. This is what I have been asking you to do, get a man to be your husband not sleep around with a sugar daddy”

Wait, what husband?

“What are you talking about?”

“Your husband na. Jimi. He called us and sent some money to pay rent. In fact your father is very happy. God would bless you.”

LJP called my mother and paid her rent? How creepy is that? How did he find her? How did he know they had not paid their rent? Who the fuck was this man?

See, when you realized that the man you saw on the pages of glossy magazines, blogs and on TV was different from the one you have met in person, you are likely going to freak out like I was at the moment.

I had been calling LJP, he had been refusing to pick my calls and I had been losing my mind.

It unnerved me to know that he knew where to find my family and a million and one thoughts of dangerous things he could do to them in future crossed my mind.

I was not saying he would hurt them but someone who could find out my family who he’d never met could do any other creepy thing possible.

When he didn’t pick the fourth time, I found my way into the kitchen and decided to distract myself.

I was going to cook something that would take a few hours to get ready and take my mind off LJP and his weird move for a while.

I chose to make pepper soup and catfish.

I opened my fridge and retrieved the fish from the freezer; it was frozen but it wasn’t something a knife couldn’t fix in a few minutes.

I grabbed a sharp knife and landed it across the fish with the frustration I was feeling. In a few seconds, I had cut it into three pieces.

I opened the tap and poured the fish into a bowl while I thoroughly washed it.

Who was this LJP person and what was he trying to achieve with that move?

I had finished cooking my pepper soup before his call came in. I hurriedly picked, “Hello.”


“LJP, why are you calling my Parents? Why are you paying their rent?”

“Cupcake, I am so sorry about Dubai. You should have told me you did not like that and I would have stopped.”

Yeah right, like he did not remind me severally that he was the one in charge.

“Please LJP leave my Parents alone.”

“But I can’t. I want you forever.”

I am not sure why that sounded scary. Maybe because I felt something was not right.


“Come and open your door.”

I was not entirely surprised he was at the door. I mean, he was the guy who paid my parents’ rent when I had not even mentioned and had never discussed them with him.

He pulled me close to himself immediately he walked in. His hands held me too tightly that I was worried I wouldn’t have enough air left in me to breathe if the embrace became longer than that.

“I cannot afford to lose you, cupcake.”

Was he drunk? Was he high? Why did he have that desperate tone in his voice?


“Don’t talk.” He retrieved a key from his pocket and handed it to me. “That’s the key to your new Lamborghini and this…” he handed me another key, “is the key to your new house near me in Banana Island.”

No this was not happening.

“Move in today. Move in right now.”

I was overwhelmed.

“I have refunded the amount you must have used on travelling back to Nigeria into your account and gifted you an extra million.”

I was going to say something when he added, “Please forgive me. Let’s give this another chance.”

And just like the gifts and the call to my Parents, I was taken by surprise as he whisked me out of the house, straight into his car.

We arrived in his house in a few minutes, he had mentioned he had a meeting with Tinubu and that he wanted me to stay the night.

I had refused the offer. I could wait and have whatever discussion with him but there was no way I was going to stay the night in his mansion.

I settled into the sofa in his massive bedroom and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians when he was gone.

This life was something I could absolutely get used to, the man had apologized and he had done it with a car and a house. Why was I going to say no?

He returned not so long after and we fucked.

Then he tried to do the kinky stuff on me again and I refused. He smiled and left me alone while he went to shower.

Minutes later he returned, picked the remote control and said, “I want to show you something.”
I concentrated on the flat screen in front of me as he turned on the TV with the remote, scrolled to a folder, clicked on it and opened it.

The visual I saw rendered me numb – there I was naked in bed with Carmen’s head buried between my thighs and with LJP having sex with him.

I tried to find my voice but I couldn’t.

He was looking at me blankly when I finally met his gaze. “Still want to stick with that no kinky sex rule?”


I know this is short guys but it’ll get longer at some point this week. I’m swamped with work. Love ya for sticking by.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles



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  1. @ Tomi tankx jare.. u sha know hw to keep someone going.. @michaelsteve abeg shift wit ur advert .comment on d episode not come and rub on our gurls shine with ya scam!

  2. Holy cow and ram! For real? Babe get a kitchen knife and magnet it to his chest. But she’s not a celeb per say so it won’t do much damage unless she actually wants to be something in future asides a sugar baby.

    This is the kind of write up that gives high BP.

  3. Coco…this wat an Ibadan babe wld see and say yeeee…moku..mogbe… Modaran…nice one dear…dis suspense sha..

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