Sugar Daddy Chronicles (Erotica) #1 By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Cherokee raised his head and frowned, a look of displeasure on his face.

“What have you been eating?” He asked and I simply rolled my eyes in response.

Since he arrived, he had buried his head between my smooth pussy while he ran his tongue through my clit gently, his tongue finally making a stop on my opening, all the while groaning and moaning like he was the one being pleasured.

See, here is one thing you need to know about Cherokee, he did the moaning for both of us; moaned when I rode him, moaned when he rode me, moaned when he ate me, moaned when I sucked him and even moaned when I came.

Must be something with old age. mchew.

I suddenly yelled in pain, he’d just bitten my nipples and the pain seared through my entire left boob.

“The fuck?” I cussed and tried to move him off me.

“The next time you give me that attitude with the way you roll your eyes you would get more than that.”

I gaped, the stupid fool totally did it on purpose.

He pinned me to the bed, yanked off the expensive lingerie that had ridden up my ass and as if to prove something to me, tore it and dumped the pieces on the marbled floor.

His business. If he wanted to tear what he spent so much money on, his fucking business.

I suddenly let out a moan, he had suddenly entered me, and he was not giving me much time to wrap both him and the idea around my legs and head respectively.

“Fuck” I said as he moved faster, his cock pushing further into my warm insides.

“Say my name!” He barked the order

“Cherokee” I managed to say, lost in the effect of what he was having on me.

Have you ever gotten turned on by someone else and then climaxed for another? You have?

Because in a few minutes that was what happened to me.

I had been turned on by that Lynxx look alike that I employed and I had climaxed for Cherokee.

Ugh, I was going to fuck that Lynxx look alike guy, I was going to really fuck him.


Cherokee and I had sex three more times before he rolled over and fell into a deep sleep. Before you think I am unlucky or something and try to attribute that to the fact that I was someone’s sugar baby, it’s not usual.

I only got it like that when he got really mad at me like he had been when I rolled my eyes at him earlier.

The idiot wanted to taste pineapple, nonsense.

Well, today I did not feel like pineapple, I felt like coke and I had coke. What was wrong with the man sef? Is it everyday he would eat what he likes?

I stepped out of the shower, grabbed my bathrobe and slipped into it.

My phone was ringing when I got into the bedroom, it was my ex classmate and childhood friend turned ex friend and biggest hater, Natasha.

And yeah, lest I forget, Natasha is Cherokee’s only child.

I picked the phone and rolled my eyes like I had done at her father some minutes before while he ate the life out of me before speaking, “Nat”

“Kelechi I need to talk to you about something. Are you home? I am outside your gate.”

say wetin? Ko possible!

See ehn, Natasha and I might not be besties or all about that Instagram bff life but she had never found out that I was fucking her father.

You then ask what tore us apart?

Long story… or maybe short… see, I don’t know but I would share… a bit.

Once upon a time, Natasha and I were in the same primary school – she was the yellow kid with neatly pressed uniform and white socks that rolled up to her knees and brown shoes that shone so brightly you could check your reflection in them.

She was beautiful and she automatically won anything beauty related in class.

She was also rich or as it were, her father was rich.

Cherokee and Natasha’s mother; a minimally talented actress whose acting career eventually lasted all of three minutes, had met when she went to one of Shina Peters’ show hoping to be the lucky groupie to follow him home (no shade here, Natasha told me the story. Well, maybe not like that but I think that’s how it happened). Anyway, Natasha’s mother had met Cherokee at the show and both of them had sex.

It was basically a one night stand and Cherokee knocked Natasha’s mom up.

And because Cherokee perceived Natasha’s mom’s gold digging ass from several miles away, he denied the baby like a motherfucker.

Then like a typical gold digging baby mama willing to dig her hands on those cheques, she got a DNA test immediately Natasha arrived.

Oh, y’all thought only Nia Guzman could do that? Sorry o, it did not start with Chris Brown, neither did it start with America.

Anyway, as I was saying, she arrived at Cherokee’s house, made a scene and you know, kinda made a friend in Cherokee’s nasty and ugly mother.

Then they got married. And then Natasha’s mother became rich forever. And then Cherokee fucked around. And they lived happily together never after.

Well, the first time Natasha spoke to me, my uniform had torn because my chair was bad and it had a nail sticking out and all the kids in class were laughing at me (by the way, half of them are broke and don’t own what I own now so guess who is laughing last? Awon smellos).

Natasha was the nice person to me. She offered me candy and then her lunch and before anyone knew it, we became best friends.

And this went on until our first year in University when she accused me of hanging too much around her boyfriend.

Well, we had this huge fight that got too messy to clean up.

Ever had that type of fight that even though you move on you never fix things?

It was one of those.

And then one day, after our final year, she threw an FYB party for her friends. She invited me and I went.

It was a pool party in her father’s mansion in Ikoyi.

He was supposed to be away in France on business trip and her mother was supposed to be in Abuja attending some event with the First Lady.

A few of us had slept over because the party ended late and she’d put me and another friend of hers in her father’s room because there was nowhere else to sleep.

The friend had left before me and I had gone to the bathroom to take a shower after she left.

I had been under the shower, bathing, when I suddenly felt a presence… Cherokee had returned early and he was watching me right there in the shower.

It was the first day we fucked and we did it right there in the shower.

“Kelechi? Are you not there?” Natasha was getting impatient on the phone now.

“No, Nat. I’m not home.”

“And your stupid security said you are.”

“You said it, he’s stupid” I laughed nervously, glanced at her father on the bed and then said, “Let’s meet at Sailors. I’m at the mall.”

“Okay.” She said, “It’s serious. Be fast” then she hung up.

Something was up and that, more than anything else made me hurriedly slip into a clingy midi dress that accentuated by boobs, grab my car keys, slip into my favorite pair of Gucci sandals and then, dash out of the bedroom.


You know how you expect anything and then when anything happens you’re like, shit, I wasn’t expecting that kinda anything?

Well, that’s what happened to me when Natasha told me what was happening when I met her at the food court at The Palms.

“I know you and I have not been close for like a long time, but you’re the only friend I ever opened up to about my family… My Father is asking for a divorce from my mom.”

“Oh” was all I could mutter.

“He said he is in love with someone else. Can you imagine? And she is younger! He’s been seeing her for like two years. Like what the fuck???”


Sugar Daddy Chronicles

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo



Content Writer|Screenwriter|Coke Addict|Feminist|Amala Activist|Future Hero. Twitter&Instagram @Tomilola_coco


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