Sugar Daddy Chronicles 7 (Erotica) By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

I figured we could have a Sugar Daddy Chronicles marathon during this long holiday? Two today and one tomorrow? Who is with me?

You know, sometimes some people believed too much in the presumed strength of your friendship that they made stupid decisions based on that.

Or how else do you explain AKT’s ridiculous behavior when he found me with his boss?

This was who I had always been, the person he knew me to be. So what was the astonishment about?

Ugh some people just needed to be slapped for their senses to come back in place sometimes.

I tried to concentrate on my food but in all honesty, AKT’s little AMVCA worthy performance had left me filled with so much anger, there was barely enough space left for food.


I managed a smile as I looked at LJP, he had a genuinely worried look on his face.

“Is everything okay?” He asked me gently.

Yeah, everything was okay until my friend decided to become Segun Arinze and start acting action film. Mchew.

I managed a nod.

“Come, Let’s go in for a short while. I still have a little time to spare before my meeting in a few minutes.”

When AKT had made the statement he made earlier, I had not been the only one who was stunned, LJP had clearly been too.

And even though AKT tried to do damage control by smiling and telling his boss that he made that statement because we were old friends and because it was some sort of “inside” joke, the awkwardness never vanished.

And I knew it would be present for the rest of our stay in Dubai.

LJP had let it go but as we sauntered into the surreal room we were staying in, I found myself wondering if he was still thinking about it and how much of a fool AKT thought he was because nobody believed the bullocks AKT offered as explanation.

I bet even AKT himself did not believe that bullshit.

We stepped into the room and he pulled me close to himself almost immediately, “You have quite the reputation, don’t you?” He asked, his tongue teased my ear causing me to shiver.

“I’m sorry about that. AKT and I were…”


I chuckled, more because of the sensation his tongue was giving than a response to his question.

“No. We never dated.”

“But he is in love with you.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so”

“It better not be. I am too jealous and possessive for that nonsense”

The words came out seriously and I found myself taking it as serious as it came. I was not one to fuck around when I was with someone; it was what I had done with Cherokee before the baboon sprung the news of a new chic on me and when I was giving someone the P, he was the only one getting the P.

So LJP didn’t need to worry, the moment he got the access, he owned the spot.

He was tugging at my zip now and pulling it down slowly. I did not resist, not when he pulled the dress down nor when he unhooked my bra.

“I love your boobs” he whispered close to my ears and I grabbed his neck, pulling him close for a kiss.

“No. I am the one in control here.” He said to me and pulled away. I was suddenly literally swept off my feet as he bent, picked me up in one quick sweep and marched to the bed.

He threw me on it and spread my legs wide.

“Close your eyes.” He commanded in a deep voice that was unrecognizable.

I did as I was told and I became more aware of the things he did to me then. With his hands, he drew my boobs closer, his tongue slowly encircling them, causing me to moan in response.

Then, he drew in on both nipples at the same time and teased both with his tongue.

He repeated the actions a few more times and then, gently trailed my body with his tongue down to my Vag.

With one hand holding my boobs in place and the other sliding my thong aside, he dug two fingers into my wet inside.

I gasped.

Slowly, he slid his fingers in and out of me, his thumb working on my clit meanwhile.

I was losing my mind, I really was.

And as if that was not enough, his tongue suddenly found its way down there and ate me like groceries!

It was as if he knew my favorite line in Omarion’s Post To Be was Jhene Aiko’s verse that said, but he gotta eat the the booty like groceries.

“Fuck” I said as his hands teased my nipples and his mouth ate the shit out of me. “I’m going to come” I muttered and he stopped then.

“Not yet. I only decide when you come”

I had heard that before but what I was about to learn was something I had only read about but never seen.

For some seconds, LJP was not touching me; not my boobs, not my anything.

“Keep your eyes closed” he ordered and I did as commanded

But as the seconds drew longer and changed into minutes, I became curious. What was going on?

“Open your eyes” He finally said and I did.

He was naked in front of me and his cock was the biggest I have ever seen. Oh trust me, I have seen cocks but this one right here was huge, so huge that even me, Sugar baby was worried for myself.

But that was not the most interesting discovery, what was more gripping than LJP’s cock which was three times Cherokee’s size was the whips, cuffs and blindfold in his hands.

Wait, this man was about the S&M rubbish?

No way!

“LJP, sorry I can’t do this.”

He smiled wickedly and that sent shivers of fear through me, “I told you I was the one in charge didn’t I?”

“I know but I am not about that S&M rubbish abeg. This is not 50 shades of Grey.”

I was about to stand when he roughly shoved me back into the bed.

“Then, you would learn”

If I thought I could make it out of the door, I was wrong because he grabbed my hands and cuffed them immediately to the bedpost, grabbed each leg, spread them widely apart and tied them to the bed too.

Then he knelt before me, shoved his big cock into my mouth and said, “suck”.

My hands were tied, literally. So how did this crazy man expect me to do that?

But as I pondered over that, he raises my head gently and while tugging at my hair worked my mouth in and out of his cock.

After a few minutes he removed the cuffs and the ropes.

“Turn around” he said in his commanding voice I was now getting accustomed to  and grabbed his whip.

I did not know, neither did I understand why I was still turned on at this time. This was not even normal.

The whip landed on my bare ass with two lashes, I tried to move but he pinned me down, whipped me more and then, without warning thrust into me.

I moaned.


He was so huge and long that I could almost feel him in my uterus!


He thrust harder and deeper causing me to whimper but he did not stop.


He kept going on, grabbing my boobs firmly as I screamed his name.

“I knew you’d feel so good” He said as he went harder, deeper and then, finally came.

He collapsed on top of me before he turned me around to face him.

“Everything is different with me, cupcake” he said when we were done. “And you’re about to learn that.”

Yeah, that was very reassuring to hear.


We showered together after the first round of sex and he insisted on washing me, of course, his hands lingered on my boobs and again, we fucked in the shower.

He was getting dressed up to leave for his meeting after ordering food for me to eat when the waitress, a Latina which I was certain would be in her late twenties or early thirties strolled in.

She was beautiful and hot but again, they all usually were.

As she pushed in the tray, I noticed LJP’s eyes roaming her body, his eyes especially stayed on her full breasts.

I frowned, was he being serious? We just fucked twice and he was hungrily looking at a woman like that?

As if he knew I was looking at him, he faced me and smiled.

But damn me if I thought he would be ashamed or apologetic. He faced the hot Latina and said, “What’s your name, cupcake?”

Oh, we were all cupcake? Ok na. Did the man know there were other types of cakes? Like if he insisted on calling all women cake, he could use red velvet, fondant icing, cake with whipped cream and so on.

“Carmen” She replied.

“I once had a girlfriend that was Carmen but she was British.”

Carmen blushed.

I might as well have been watching this from Genesis Deluxe or Silverbird Galleria because these two acted like they were in a world of their own, a world in which I was not present.

“She had this way of using the British accent differently when we made love. It was a turn on in an entirely different way.”

Again, Carmen blushed but she did not stop there this time, she actually added, “That’s nice. Carmens are expressive.”

Alright ho.

“I’m leaving for a meeting now, Carmen. Can we talk a little?”

Of course, the bitch was quick to nod.

“I’ll see you later, cupcake.” LJP said, held Carmen and strolled out of the room with her.

I think I would take cupcake and Carmen Ho can be red velvet since she blushes so much and turns red while doing so.

What do you think?


Sugar Daddy Chronicles




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  1. Wow!!! Kayce don jam wetin pass am buh I swear down I really hate that S&M esp cause of the whip… Why’ll whip somebodies ass make your sex life… Nice “Fifty Shades of Grey” touch @tomi #gbayii

  2. Cupcake we are so with you on the marathon infact if we can get marathonzzzzz we don’t mind *wink* Btw nice work.

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