Sugar Daddy Chronicles #5 (Erotica) By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

I’m sorry this is coming late guys. Was really tired from work. My best friend literally had to keep me awake to do this. Lol. Sorry again. Enjoy.



“Nah don’t move, just stay there.”

“Okay” I whispered and then, shut my eyes tightly.

I passed the night in AKT’s house yesterday, we had ended up in his bed, half-naked, cuddling, talking about the past one year, my life, his life and Cherokee.

“You should have waited for me” He whispered into my ear when I told him how embarrassed I was when Natasha had pulled the stunt she did publicly and he told me he had seen pictures.

It was why he called me up to meet. He felt awful that I had to go through that.

“Why are you so different though?” He asked before he slipped into sleep and I wish I could have asked him why he asked that and that I had an answer.

I just knew I was different, I was different from every other person around and that I knew – I wanted life differently, looked at life differently and sometimes, my difference to other people made me worry for myself.

I liked to blame the way I had turned out on my polygamous upbringing – My mother was the side chic turned second wife to my barely-able-to-feed-himself-talkless-of-feeding-someone-else father.

He was a Teacher who had a car wash business where the only thing that flourished were the plants being watered by the tap that was supposed to be flowing for business.

He barely could pay my fees and that of my half siblings through school and life was difficult for us.

We still went to good schools though, he still managed to keep us in some of the best schools even though he literally had to sell everything he owned.

But I still grew up messed up.

“Put your hand behind you” AKT ordered and I obeyed.

I was naked in front of him, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed, half naked save for a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers and black socks.

He had pulled me where I could barely move away from his thighs.

And he’d been teasing me since we woke up in each other’s arms some twenty minutes before.

His tongue had encircled my nipples, waking them up and bringing them alive.

Now, his hands were on my nipples and his tongue was finding its way down to my clit, biting it gently and sending tremors of pleasure through me.

I bit my tongue, my hands finding their way to his head to hold him for support so I don’t burst out in ecstasy but he put them firmly behind me.

This time around, he did not trust me to obey him so he held my hands in place behind me with his strong firm hands.

I was going to die of pleasure, the way his tongue was teasing my clit and sucking it in, I was freaking going to die of pleasure.

“AKT” I moaned as he drove me to the edge, I was going to climax soon, I knew.

“Call my name.” He whispered.

“AKT” I said.

“My name” He repeated and it occurred to me what he wanted.

“Akin” I called.

“Good girl” Then he returned to my clit, teased me until I screamed his name as I climaxed.

When he was done, I could barely catch my breath. He stood and dragged me into his arms.

“I missed you like crazy” he said to me and held me tight.

I held on to him tightly and as our bodies touched, I realized how hard he was. “You’re hard” I muttered.

“I know” He answered.

I watched him curiously as I drew away from the embrace, “You don’t want to fuck me?”

“No” He said and strode towards the bathroom. “Come, let’s shower. I have a long day at work today.”

The thing was, I knew I should ask AKT what he did and where all of the money sprung from, I knew I should be interested in how he came to own so much in so little time.

But I did not. I did not want to know.

Because the first rule to being a sugar baby is clear – Don’t ask, cos you truly don’t want to know.

When conversations about income happened, then conversations about family and personality and all the other things that could literally send one into the zone where feelings became a part of the partnership, happened.

And I did not want that.

I did not want feelings at all.

When I stepped into the shower with him, he pulled me so close to him I could feel his hardness against my bare skin.

I wanted to fuck him, wanted to put him in my mouth first and then ride him senseless but I knew without asking that he would not let me.

So when I had dressed and we were leaving, I had to ask, “AKT what are you trying to do?”

“What do you think?”

“I’m only trying to be a friend, Kaycee.” And the warm smile he sent me after, coupled with the gentle squeeze on my shoulder made me feel like I had someone I could rely on for the first time ever.

And so when he walked me to my car that had been brought to the house by his driver, I somehow knew no matter what happened, I could call on him.

“I’d be in touch” He said as he shut the door.

I smiled in response.


There was something about the way AKT had touched me without touching me, held me and taken care of me like I was something special, it was almost making some foreign emotion spring up in me.

But I knew better than to end up encouraging those emotions, they had to stay away.

I listened to Trey Songz’ Touchin Feelin as I drove back to my house in Lekki.

What was the deal with AKT? Something was not right.

Where had all that money come from? Who became so wealthy they owned a house in Banana Island in a year?

But did I want to find out? I doubted it.

Cherokee was waiting at the house when I returned, a scowl on his face.

“Shey you would give me one week, I would pack out” I said as I got out of the car and headed for the front door.

“You did not sleep in the house.” He said to me as if I was not aware of my absence from the house the night before. “Where were you?”

“Cherokee, what is all these na? What do you want?” I asked him at the front door. I did not want him in there, there was no telling what he could do if he followed me in.

“You still belong to me.” He snapped and that ignited something in me.

“Your daughter made me an instant celebrity, Cherokee! She practically disgraced me in front of the entire world after you dumped me for a Liberian chic you have been fucking behind my back and now you just want to come back here and continue from where you stopped?”

He did not say anything else for a long time, then he quietly added, “You’re NOT going anywhere.”

He marched away angrily and I turned and entered the house. I did not care what he did as long as I was rid of his obnoxious ass.

I had entered my bedroom when my phone rang and I realized it was my security guy, worried that Cherokee might have returned for another show, I grabbed the phone immediately.

“Yeah?” I asked

“Aunty, you get delivery.”

I frowned. Delivery from who? All through the years I was Cherokee’s Sugar baby, he did not do delivery.

Whatever gift I got I paid for it with the cash he gave me or he brought it from wherever he was bringing it from.

I emerged from the house and met the security guy at the door, he handed me a gift bag.

It was a pair of Roberto Cavalli Athena sandals, they came in black with two toned block heels and they were by far the most beautiful Roberto Cavalli sandals i had ever been gifted.

This was certainly not that angry ugly Cherokee.

Was it AKT?

My phone rang then and I picked it.

“Did you like your gift?”

I listened hard, trying to deduce who this person might be.


“Who is this?” I asked after a few seconds.

“Jimi Pearson”

I gasped, this must be one fucking huge joke.

“Lord Jimi Pearson” I said

“One and the same.”

“I’m traveling to Dubai this afternoon and I know you have been through the most unpleasant couple of days, do you want to come along with me to, you know, ease your stress and get some much needed rest?”

He sounded like money with that deep, husky voice.

He also had an amazing diction, one which belonged to someone that was clearly well read, well traveled and extremely wealthy.

I wish I could give you a backstory on Jimi Pearson but forgive me, I am too much in shock.

This guy was literally one of the richest men in Africa! Heck, he was on Forbes list!

“What do you say, Kaycee? I would like to have you around.” then when I did not say anything, he added, “I would be a gentleman.”

“Fine.” I said.

“Thank you, Kaycee. My driver would pick you in an hour.”

“Okay.” I said, hoping my excitement wasn’t showing.

“Meanwhile, you don’t need to pack anything, darling. I have a few labels here that I think might interest you. You like Prada and Alexander Wang, honey?”

Like hell I did!

“Not bad” I was trying so hard to compress my excitement.

“See you in a bit.”

Fuck you, Cherokee!

Sugar Daddy Chronicles

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo




Content Writer|Screenwriter|Coke Addict|Feminist|Amala Activist|Future Hero. Twitter&Instagram @Tomilola_coco


  1. I feel like screaming,Whaaaaaaaaaattttttttt! Cherokee might just beat the girl up o but mehn I like her guts.Tomi has found a way of getting me addicted to her stories yet rock big time.

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