South African Pastor Reveals That Nameless Babies Are Hell Bound

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A South African named Alpheus, who calls himself a Rastafarian prophet, wants to share a vision given to him by the ‘Holy Spirit’ and it all has to do with having a name.

The 50-year-old says God told him to warn people against abortion. He said God told him that babies without names will not enter into heaven. Also, women who have abortions will find their babies waiting to be given names at heaven’s gate.

“I was in a deep sleep when the revelation came to me. When I woke up, I knew aborted babies were waiting outside heaven to be given names,” said Alpheus.

He said when the vision started, he saw a light and it was like a television had been switched on in front of him.

“A big sign appeared with the words ‘no entry without names’. I then saw young and old faces looking sad. “A loud voice told me all the people I had seen were waiting for their parents to give them names. They had been aborted before they were born,” said Alpheus.

He said the voice instructed him to spread the message to the world.



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