So You Lied? Old Classmate Exposes Rita Dominic’s Real Age

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One of Nigeria’s screen goddess, Rita Dominic celebrated her 40th birthday on Sunday, July 12, 2015.

However, following the celebration, rumours have emerged that the sensational actress lied about her real age.

Information gathered from an unverified source says a claimed primary school mate of the actress bared it all that Rita is supposed to be 43years now and not 40year old.

Chika (Surname withheld), revealed that Rita was her classmate at Santa Maria Primary school in Aba.

She said, “But Rita you are 43 not 40. We all grew up at Aba and we were in d same class in Santa Maria Primary school, Aba. This should have been celebrated 3yrs ago not this year my dear Rita.”



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  1. Lol whoever this old classmate is, she must be stupid. So everyone is always the same age cos they’re in the same class abi? She should take Fanta and several seats abeg

  2. Bad belle old class mate. Must everyone in ur class be age mates?… N wot if she is 43? must u try to disgrace her? Even if she is 73, Rita Dominic is a Diva n remains of my BEST…Oya Chika…tell anoda story( Rita bathes naked aiit?) abeg clear…

  3. Just an angry bitch, who couldn’t handle her hotness at 43 57 80 pr what the fuck ever the age chika claims Rita is! Chika dear, u r a big L bitch and a hater from birth! Catch fire

  4. Whoever this Chika is.. ..she’s a moron.. …Rita is hot as fire.. ..there’s no amount of beef that can change that. Bad belle fools….

  5. Chika, you should be ashamed of yourself. I was her primary school mate as well and in the same class with her for that matter; as of July 2015, I was 41, months older than her then but still had few younger friends/classmates than myself. Need I remind you that my 14 year old daughter have graduated from secondary school as I comment. I believe you were among the civil war veterans that weren’t opportune to start school early. mtcheeeeew

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