So Lady Gaga Gave Taylor Swift Jazz To Land A Man And It Kinda Worked

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Just in case you thought showing up in weird outfits was the only thing Lady Gaga was good at, then you’re wrong. Mother monster also knows a thing or two about charms.

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The hitmaker has been credited by Taylor Swift as the reason she found her boo, Calvin Harris.

Gaga who is friends with Taylor, tweeted in March, that Taylor Swift’s Prince Charming will come.

Not long after that, Taylor and Calvin started hanging out and now they’re official.

The two also knocked Bey and Jay off the spot of highest earning celebrity couple of 2015 shortly after they got together.

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Talk about wealthy Prince Charming and wealth Princess Charming (permit us please).

Anyway, while consoling a fan on Twitter, Taylor told the fan to read the tweet Lady Gaga sent her and added that it was not a tweet but “a magical spell”.

Amazing isn’t it?

Maybe Gaga can use some of that spell for herself and make good music again?




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