#Singles Only: 9 Different Types Of Sex You Should Have Before You Get Married (2)

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In the first part of this article, we talked about some amazing types of sex you should consider having before you go on to decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. The types of sex we talked about include the sex with a good friend, sex with a colleague, Dip-into-the-well sex and sex with someone you don’t speak the same language with. The other types of sex that you must have before you get married include

Sex with your childhood crush.

Perhaps you were the type that was an awkward adolescent who mostly kept to herself but later blossomed in her early 20s into a beauty or you are the type who for years while growing up had a friend of the opposite sex who you had a crush on but was never able to summon the courage to hit on them. Now is probably the time to do that your shy childhood self a huge favour by helping yourself to actualize that childhood dream and fantasy by hooking up with your very first crush who wasn’t a celebrity. Truth is the sex might be terrible, but it sure will be worth it.

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One-night stand sex.

Except you’re the type that is accustomed to cheating without feeling as much as guilt for doing so, or you have intentions of having an open relationship with you spouse, the no strings attached sex window begins to shrink smaller and smaller as you grow older and towards the marriageable age. Before you know it, you’d just meet someone that you love so much as to want to spend the rest of your lifetime with and you might freak out a bit when you realise that the chances of you ever having a one night stand after then is slim. Try if you may to get it on now with what you might regret but you’d definitely find thrilling (a usual indication of the kind of freedom associated with youth and freedom).

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Sex with someone you meet on vacation.

A lot of the times, we aren’t at our best when we are removed from the daily routines that make up our lives but we are mostly at our most carefree and fun mode. This is an indication that there’s nothing more liberating from a drudgery routine than having a sexy time with a total stranger. Vacation sex is a subset of no-strings-attached sex but turns out exceptional because it brings along the added incentives of warm climates and outstandingly astonishing foreign cities. Great fun if you have sex on vacation with a long-term partner while vacationing and perhaps an even greater fun doing so with someone from there.

Internet sex.

If you’re a young adult and you’ve not hooked up with someone you met on the internet, then you haven’t earned the rite of passage into adulthood. It would be fun to tick of this experience off your sexual to-do list before its too late. You’d be grateful later on in life when you think back and feel the nostalgia that comes with executing a successful online sexcapade.

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Random sex on a bad day.

If you embark on a sexual escapade the appropriate way, the sex is guaranteed to make you feel good because of the inherent biological and chemical functions that come with it. When you orgasm while having Sex, it helps to release endorphins which have a somewhat healing power. This fact is generally known by couples who have makeup sex after a huge fight. What some couples don’t know however is that having sex with someone on a random bad day can help deal with your terrible mood. There’s a soothing feeling that comes with being able to eradicate the pain and numbness you feel at times just by making use of your mind and body coupled with that of a stranger.

Well, a lot of these random sex acts could get you in big trouble, but nonetheless they are fun to try out before you become fully committed to someone. Give it a try before you’re forced to rely on one person to have sex with you to soothe the pains that come with a bad day for the rest of your life.




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