See Pictures From “Outbreak 2020”, A Nollywood Zombie Movie

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Outbreak 2020 is a zombie film about a virus created by a company to infect people, who will then be cured by the antidote they also plan to sell and make millions of naira.  However, in the process of making the virus, an accident occurs, causing people to mutate into zombies;

of course the uninfected few fight for survival.


It is written and produced by Oyebanji Oyemaja, a final year Business Administration student of the University of Lagos; who developed interest in Film-making at 8 and has been undergoing training in cinematography, photography, 3D Animation and Graphic Design since 2008.  Directed by Sam Perry, the film stars Tunji Shotimirin, Sambas Nzeribe, Kunbi Black, Ayo Ade, Ikechukwu Asonye and Joy Bolouere.

Below are pictures from the set of Outbreak 2020:

outbreak360nobsGROUP PICZ_filtered


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