Scott Disick Would Reportedly Still Make $4Millon A Year Even If He Were Cut From KUWTK

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Scott Disick would be returning for the next season of KUWTK but he won’t be filmed as a single man.

So if you by chance was hoping to see Scott living la vida loca while he parties with various women, then you’re on a long thing, according to TMZ.

Scott who recently broke up with Kourtney Kardashian might only be filmed in scenes where he and Kourt are having issues, the issues that eventually led to their break up.

However, if Kris Jenner or any of the producers decide to cut Scott off and refuse to show him in the next season, that’s not going to affect his pockets in any way

Scott’s contract reportedly says as long as he is on set, present for shoot and does all he is expected, his account balance would get that credit alert.

And Scott is ready to do that.

Scott reportedly makes $4million dollars off the show and its spin offs. So whatever Kris and her team does, he shows up, he participates in the show, he is still rich next season.

Wow, if Scott is making this much money from being Scott on the show, wonder how much Kim is making from that show? Or any of the other Kardashian/Jenner sisters?

These guys’ reign won’t let up though…





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