Scott Disick Fuels The Kourtney Kardashian Split Rumors As He Is Pictured With Ex Second Time In Days

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Scott Disick was photographed with his ex in different suggestive positions yesterday and the news made several blogs. And as soon as everyone saw the pictures, the whole world started asking if Scott and Kourtney Kardashian have called it quits.

Especially when Kourtney was seen filming KUWTK and acting like absolutely nothing was wrong.

Now, what is more interesting is, Scott has been photographed with the same woman who happens to be his ex, again.

Scott who is on vacation in France, continued his holiday while hanging out with Chloe aboard a yacht.

While this might be harmless, it is also a bit too intimate. Especially since Scott and Kourtney are in a relationship that is highly publicized.

scott and ex  Scott and ex 2  Scott and ex


And seeing that the Kardashian have used the most ridiculous things for storylines for their hit show in the past, this might just be yet another storyline. Time would tell.



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