Reasons Why Every Girl Should Give Her Man Head

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Ever wondered what the benefit of giving your boyfriend a blow job is, apart from the obvious reason that men love receiving head?

Wonder no more, these are some of the reasons every girl should give her man blow job:

          It Is A Double Turn On For Him:

Blow job, when done right, is supposed to take your man to the highest cloud, give him the same (or almost) pleasure he gets from having sex with you. I mean, you have his stuff in your mouth and you’re going on at it like a pro; yeah, a great way to turn him. He gets to see you in your glorious nakedness which is even a bigger turn on as men are visually stimulated. The jara is the sloppy, wet sounds you make while blowing him; super sexy. Oh, and you get turned on too; win-win.

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          He Gets To Reciprocate:

If you like to receive head, the surest way to get them is to give them. He doesn’t just give you head in return, he will put in his best to make sure you get better than best. Well, because one good turn always deserves another. You’re both sexually satisfied and happy afterwards and happy couple stays together, right?

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          It Shows You Respect His Desires:

We all know men love receiving blow job. For some, it is a necessary foreplay before the main the thing. I’ve heard of a guy who is not so active in bed except if he was blown before the sex. Face it, it almost every guy’s desire and fulfilling it means you respect his desires and you’re willing to make him happy. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or cheap, it means you care enough about your man to make his desire come through. Note that no one should pressure any girl into giving him head; it will be the worst headxperience of your life.

          For Variety:

Trust me, if you eat the same dish every day, you get bored very quickly and that is the same thing with sex. If you do the same thing every day, you will lose the youthful spark that was once in your relationship. A blow job is one of the ways to spice up your sex life. Surprise attacks are often the best. Just get on your knees while he is watching TV, in the kitchen or in his office. Trust me; you will be reaping the reward for months to come.

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          It Puts You In Charge:

For that moment while you have his dick in your mouth, you are in charge. There is this awesome way you feel just knowing you can drive him wild with your tongue and you can do it any time you want. Why not wield that power to get whatever you want, whenever you want it. It is still win-win situation. Although it is advisable not to give head because you’re trying to get him something from him; you may just end up being disappointed.

Blow jobs are supposed to be fun, sexciting and an amazing way to make him go gaga. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. The sperm contains protein that is equally good for your body. What more reason do you need to get on your knees? Just try it today; catch him unaware while watching TV or something *winks*.



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