Parents Get Into Fight After 12 & 10 Year Old Kids Were Caught Having Sex

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A minor disagreement ensued in the Ajegunle area of Lagos State, on Wednesday, when a 10 year-old boy was caught by his father while having sex with an eight-year-old girl.

After exposing the kids, the girl’s mother began to scream at the boy’s father saying the son has corrupted her daughter. The father retorted that the boy was obviously too young to know such, but the mother disagreed that the daughter was obviously the one that does not know such carnal acts.

The two kids were asked what transpired and the girl, Anna said, “It was Emmanuel (the boy) that told me to remove my clothes, including undies so that we could do it. I told him no and he pushed me to the bed and I pulled my clothes. He removed my pant.”

Emmanuel (not real name) and Anna (real name withheld) came back from school and as they were playing hide and seek in the premises, Emmanuel ran inside their apartment and she followed him.

Common sense finally prevailed when one of their co-tenants, John Ukaegbu appealed to the two families not to quarrel over the incident since both kids are minors.

Ukaegbu advised: “Probably you parents did not allow your children to sleep before performing the adult show. Children of nowadays are very wise. Allow them to sleep first if not, you are the people teaching them immorality. Sex should be a hidden thing,” he said.

The two kids were flogged six lashes each before they were told to go and sleep in their respective apartments. They both promised not to commit such an act again.



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