Once Food, Always Food! Watch 7 Nasty Videos Of Animals Eating Their Poop And More!

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Animals really don’t have a care in the world.

They do the craziest, and usually utterly disgusting things, but they don’t even know it!

Watch below, 10 of the nastiest things ever done by animals.

1. Sharing is caring

This Gorilla pulls a huge blunt-shaped pile of poop from his anus, cleans it off (he gets marks for hygiene), and is also nice enough to give his son out of it. Gold!

2. Gold digger

He take my poop, when I’m in need… Oh he a gold digger! This elephant spends an abnormal number of time rummaging in the butt of its fellow elephant, finally finding poop and throwing it in its mouth.

3. The Water Cycle 2.0

Water is a scarce commodity these days, and this monkey knows it. So what better way to conserve water than to drink it right back?

4. Self-service

Banks these days have online portals you can do transactions when you’re far away from the bank. This walrus couldn’t find a suitable bank for his deposits, so, self service!

5. True Vegetarian

This female gorilla is a vegetarian through and through. Not only is her diet green, her dildo is too. Respect.

6. Scatter tactics

This goat right here is the ultimate tactician. It’s obviously at fault, so it spits and screams at his human opposite to prevent him from making his point. And it succeeds!

7. Equality of species

In God’s eyes, we are all equal. So when this baby monkey was horny and caught this frog, he probably thought the same thing.




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