Nigerians Deported From Cameroon Like Cattle…Literally [Photo]

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Reports have it that about 2,500 Nigerians illegally living in Kousseri, Cameroon, were today July 30th rounded up and escorted back to Nigeria.

The photo below shows the Nigerians being deported in herds via cattle trucks.

Nigerians in cattle trucksThe deportees are mostly women and children who escaped Nigeria due to vicious Boko Haram attacks in the far Northern region of Nigeria. The reason for this recent clamp on the illegal immigrants is due to security concerns over increasing Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon.

An immigration official, who pleaded for anonymity, explained that the Cameroonian authorities took a measure because of security concerns “based on their suspicion that some of the attacks on their home soil were perpetrated with the collaboration of some of the IDPs.”



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