Nigerian Prophet Predicts Doom For APC, PDP: Foresees More Doom For Tinubu

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The founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde, who is well known for his predicting prowess, has released yet another prophesies.

It would be recalled, he predicted the current economic crisis two years ago and was the first prophet to declare that President Goddluck Jonathan would be the last President to be produced by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In an exclusive chat with DailyPost during the weekend, he released yet more prophecies:

“Both the APC and PDP will soon fizzle away. Some may think this is a joke, but the spirit of the lord says a northern political party will emerge with strong force. The PDP faithfuls will attempt to form alliance with other political parties. They will enter into alliances with several political groups, yet, they will not get to the El Dorado. Implosion is imminent in APC.

“I am advising President Buhari and National Leader of APC, Bola Tinubu to mend fences so that their party won’t be history. The choice of the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the party will generate bad blood. Tinubu will do everything within his power to be chosen. He will encounter crisis after the BoT chairmanship election or selection.

“At the end of the day, I can see a faction of the APC led by the BoT caucus aligning with another political group. Tinubu will be betrayed in APC. The South West leaders will work against themselves and northerners will explore that. Except they manage the situation; I see them being frustrated out of the party,” he said.

“The Boko Haram sect will eventually be defeated but it will take some years. We should pray against bomb explosion in the South West and South East. Prayers should be offered to avert plane crash particularly Air Force jet in the year.”

“The location of the Chibok girls will be found and foreign countries will assist Nigeria. Some of the girls will not be rescued alive.

“Buhari should watch his back while negotiating with America. All that glitters is not gold. Bombings will be rampant in the northern parts.

“I have said the solution to Boko Haram is spiritual cleansing. The country needs cleansing. God is not happy that blood of the innocent souls is being shed. Let our leaders return to God and stop deceiving themselves. The weapon to conquer Boko Haram insurgency is not warfare but prayer.



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