Nicky Hilton Shows Us How To Return From Honeymoon In Style

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Nicky Hilton got married in style almost three weeks ago and as expected, the Hotel heiress has done pretty much everything like the wealthy one she is.

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Nicky who has been on her honeymoon, was spotted for the first time in New York yesterday in a black jeans and Tee, paired with brown boots.

Ms Hilton whose famous sister is Paris, sure has style in common with her big sis.

Don’t you just love the look?

Nicky Hilton

Nicky’s style is laid back and also stylish. It can serve as an inspiration for a casual day with friends or an informal date look during the weekend.

Nicky Hilton 2 Nicky Hilton 3

The animal print purse adds to the trendy look for Ms Hilton and it is also in this season.

And you know what else we’re crushing on? That LV bag!



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  1. What “look”? There is absolutely nothing creative, stylish or original about what Hilton is wearing. She looks like any mom at the grocery store or soccer practice. But in our celebrity worshipping culture, the fact that this dull outfit is worn by, gasp, Nicky Hilton, makes it desirable. Puh-leeze.

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