Nicki Minaj And Her Nipples Perform In London, Check Out Photos Of Their Performance Here

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Well, you must have seen photos of Nicki Minaj‘s boobs or nipples before now but I bet you have never seen them performing with her. You’re however very much in luck today because Nicki performed in London and her nipples were also in on the fun.

The 32 year old while in London, appeared on stage to perform in a see through black outfit in a show she was already two hours late for.

But I bet her fans stopped being angry when they saw she didn’t come alone.

Check on the photos…

Nicki Minaj and her nipples 2  Nicki Minaj and her nipples 3  Nicki Minaj and her nipples 4  Nicki Minaj and her nipples 5  Nicki Minaj and her nipples Hope the fans (and you guys) enjoyed the show 🙂



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