MUSIC: West African Artists Collaborate Against Boko Haram

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Twelve musicians from countries all over West Africa joined their voices to unite against Boko Haram in a new song titled Our Right To Live.

The musicians – Ade Bantu (Nigeria), Alif Naaba, Sissoko, and Smockey (Burkina Faso), Didier Awadi (Senegal), Josey Priscille, Soum Bill and Maréchal Zongo (Côte d’Ivoire), Master Soum (Mali), Monza (Mauritania), Phéno Bi (Niger) and Zeynab Abib (Benin) – joined their voices to denounce all forms of extremism in the West African region.

In a statement by the artists, they declare that,

From Nigeria which is currently trying to tackle Boko Haram to Northern Mali now at the mercy of jihadists, without living out hostage-takings within the population by power-hungry leaders, Human Rights continue being disregarded with impunity without anyone lifting a finger. This is one of the reasons why these committed artists, led by Didier Awadi, came together as part of the Artwatch Africa project.

A video is in the works which will be released soon.

Artwatch Africa whose objective is to promote artists’ creative and artistic rights and freedoms hopes to assist artists in better exercising these rights and to draw public attention on their role and situation.



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