Muller: Strong Bayern Is All That Matters

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Thomas Muller has said that it is important for Bayern to maintain a German core, but a strong Bayern is more important.

Bayern have sols German midfielder Schweinsteiger to United, but still retain a host of German players.

Muller feels this should continue, but every player must be strong.

Muller told Goal: “Ultimately it’s the quality of the player that’s decisive [but], nevertheless, I think it’s important for the club, for its identity and the fans that a hard core of German and domestic players is there, so the identity of the club doesn’t get lost. We have to keep an eye on it.”

“Football is simple but very complicated,” he observed. “You can’t explain everything and success, especially, can’t be planned. If everyone is fit, you’re still far away from winning all the games.

“Of course, it would have specifically helped us in the Champions League [last season], where in the semi-finals and the final all teams are on a top level and everything is very close.

“You always need a bit of luck and a bit of skills. Take the final in 2012 against Chelsea. We played very well but didn’t win. In football a team can be not as good over 90 minutes but win in the end. This is football, this makes it interesting.

“We have the squad to play at the top. To really win titles, it just has to happen. Firstly you have to bring the performance on the pitch, then luck has to come along.”



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