Money No Send Blood: R. Kelly’s Elder Brother Sues Him For Unpaid Wages

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R. Kelly

R. Kelly has been sued by elder brother Bruce Kelly for failure to pay his salaries.

R. Kelly
R. Kelly

Bruce is claiming that the Slow Wind singer overworked him without pay, after he began working for him in March.

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According to Bruce, they had a verbal agreement that R. Kelly would pay him $700 a week, with Bruce to be his driver and personal assistant.

Bruce allegedly became disgruntled after he was doing overtime, logging a whooping 114 hours every week, and not getting paid.

Bruce claims he rarely ever got sleep, spending up to 12 hours in the car waiting for the award-winning singer. He added that his pay has accumulated to $11,000, and when he complained to his younger brother, he didn’t respond to him.

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Bruce stated that he was making the complain because he wasn’t going to work for anybody for free, not even his younger brother.

The Illinois state board is still investigating the claims, and R. Kelly is yet to respond.



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