Maria Menounos Will Be Replacing Giuliana Rancic On E! News

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It was recently announced that Giuliana Rancic would be quitting E! news and now a replacement has been announced.

Maria Menounos who has been working on the E! red carpet is reportedly going to be replacing Giuliana Rancic on the hit show.

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US Weekly has reported that Maria who is supposedly Giuliana’s rival is taking over.

Giuliana who announced that she was leaving the hit show but would still be producing some other shows, is said to have been convinced to leave because of her controversies recently, the most recent one being the comment she made about Zendaya’s locs.

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Giuliana Rancic’s last episode would air on August 10.

Would you miss Giuliana? And are you feeling this new replacement?



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  1. Yes I will Miss Guliana she is funny and they really seem to have a lot of fun on the show. I think Maria’s obnoxious laugh will get old very quick. I like her but I don’t think she should be taking Guliana’s place. I like Kat Sadler better as a replacement. I think since the incident with that young actress the network has been planning on getting ride of Guliana and that’s unfortunate, everyone makes mistakes. Look at what Kelly Osborn just said her remark was 100 times more insulting than what Guliana said. I think E won’t be the same, those people all have such good chemistry and when that happens you shouldn’t mess with that. I will miss the banter between Jason and Guliana they have been fun to watch.

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