Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posts Nudie On Instagram. Look Here To See, If You’re Interested Of Course

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Marc Jacobs might remind you of high class labels all the time, but he is about to remind you of something else in the next few days (at leas)t and it’s got nothing to do with clothes.

In fact, it’s got to do with him without clothes.

The popular designer who wanted to send the image via his direct message, posted it on Instagram for the world to see.

And even though it was deleted almost immediately, like most of the things that go online, it was documented.

Marc Jacobs

Nice ass though.




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  1. Marc Jacobs is a cruel manipulator. He tortures a young girl named Angel Barta. He stole her ideas and harassed her. Jacobs wants to control everyone! He controls Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and more. Read the truth at styleangelique blogspot com

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