Man Drugs His Girlfriend To Sleep So He Can Continue Playing Video Games Uninterrupted

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Man ignores girl over video games

A man was fined by a court in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, for drugging his then girlfriend to sleep so he could play video games.

Man ignores girl over video games
Man ignores girl over video games

He was fined €500 for what the judge had described as a “deliberate assault.”

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She had come home and had disagreed with his desire to stay home all evening at his console.

Trying to avoid a confrontation, he put a sedative in her tea, so she could sleep off.

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He insisted it was not a dangerous dosage—”I only put four or five drops into her tea,” he told the court.

The woman had slept until noon, and had confessed later. They later broke up, though that was not related to the incident.



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