LOL! Tyga Exposed For Cheating On Kylie Jenner With A Transsexual

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Dating a minor is a low-low, but then breaking her heart by cheating on her? What’s worse, with a former dude! Tyga is all sorts of low.

A transsexual ‘model’ Mia Isabella exposed racy text messages and pictures (dick pic included) allegedly sent by Tyga, claiming that she and Tyga have been having relations for some time now. She claims she has been doing Tyga for 3 years – from way back when he was with his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

LoveBScott obtained exclusive screenshots of their conversations which they graciously shared on their website.


sext1sext2sext3sext4sext5Click here for an NSFW (dick) pic

Poor Tyga! This comes just after his album flopped last week by selling only two thousand copies. If this happens to be true, he will lose his only source of livelihood.

Of course Twitter took to roasting him, and this article will not be complete without sharing some mean tweets.

You know what? This part deserves a post on its own.



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