Lavezzi: Messi’s Argentina Trophy Will Come

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I don’t think Lavezzi gets it. You can’t be the greatest of all time by just conquering the international scene and not the national scene.

This is the second time a shot at national glory is slipping through the hands of the Barcelona forward. He missed out on the World Cup and almost a year later, he has added the copa to the list.

Nevertheless, Ezequiel Lavezzi is certain Messi will get the required national trophy for the Albiceleste.

“At some point Leo [Messi] is going to win something with Argentina,” he told reporters.”We thought this was an opportunity to make our mark, but unfortunately we could not. It hurts a lot.

“Once again we are left with a bitter taste. It hurts because we believed that this was the chance to win something.

“I think that we should continue on this path. We are all very good in terms of the group. We are just missing that little step to achieve something.”



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