#Ladies Only: 6 Thoughts That Should Never Cross Your Mind

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It’s common for ladies to want to make reasons why a guy left as soon as they put an end to the relationship. They ask questions of both their loyalty and that of the guy that left and the reasons why he lost interest.

You might get angry and upset as you blame yourself for letting your guy cheat and leave you for someone else. But you have to take a good look at yourself and women that have passed through the things you’re passing through, and find there’s an innate beauty lying fallow. You should learn to work, laugh and respect each other. Women are strongly independent and not afraid to let things change for the better as such, if you find yourself having any form of negative thoughts or heartache, just smile and tell yourself you are good enough for a man out there and don’t ever settle for anything than the best.

Talk a walk through 6 things you should never allow to fester through your mind if you intend to live a happy and fulfilling life as a lady.

I wasn’t pretty enough.

Never ever allow the thought that you’re not pretty cross your mind. See yourself as a wonderful being who is graceful and beautiful. You do not need anyone be it a man or woman to boost your confidence. Women and their beauty have shaped the direction of the world from time immemorial. From the seduction of allowing man eat from the Tree of Knowledge to the war of Troy, the beauty of women is so powerful that it can raise and destroy a man. We are goddesses who do not need men to boost our confidence. As such, you are pretty and beautiful enough for the world. But remember with immense beauty comes immense responsibility.

Nothing matters anyway. We weren’t really exclusive.

Hold the thought. Everything matters when it comes to two person expressing their love for each other. He may deserve your bile and wrath you express because you deserve much better than him. All the romantic walks, late night phone calls, celebration of anniversaries and the happiness that comes with knowing that there is somebody somewhere you can trust till the end. If he broke your heart, it matters but do not dwell on the fact that you’re not mutually exclusive.

I don’t have a slim body or big boobs.

The actual truth is that a naked woman is a naked woman. Who really cares about size? During the thick of action who cares about jiggly thighs, big butt or boobs? You shouldn’t worry about that and if he is worried about that, simply tell him to shut his eyes as he walks out of the door.

Maybe I suck at sex?

Perhaps the question you should be asking is why does he suck at sex? It could be he’s the one who isn’t getting it right and if you ever get to meet the person that is right for you, he will be willing to consider your feelings, teach and learn how to get the best of sexual experience with you. Kindly do yourself a favour and never ask yourself such again.

Should I have given him a blowjob?

A lot of sexually transmitted infections abound including Hepatitis B, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and some subtle diseases that result in swelling of your throat and gums. It’s better you do what you want not because you’re being blackmailed to. You actually don’t need anyone to make you feel happy as that is entirely up to you. You’re in control of your desires, actions and choices.

I’m crazy. That’s what everyone thinks, anyway.

It is best for you to believe that you’re good as you are. You may be crazy but you’re brave and courageous as well which is a necessary ingredient to change the world. Try as much as possible not to rush into love by constantly being on the lookout for companionship. Instead, see yourself as someone who can live her life without the validation of others. Next time you see someone that wants to put you down, simply take it in stride because you’re a crazy courageous person who has a lot stored for the future which you can accomplish without someone who thinks you’re not worth it.



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